IslamoNazis Flock to Cleric’s Funeral

After raging against the sewer-rat savages in the UK who partied on the death of Mrs. Thatcher, I’m certainly not about to go into paroxysms on the death of the prominent Muslim cleric Ustad Jefri al Buchori (nick-name Uje)  here in Jakarta. He has family who mourn him, and the road accident that claimed his life must be a shocking blow to them.

However, one is entitled to ask –  why does a cleric of a creed that likes to describe itself as ‘the religion of peace’ manage, even in death, to elicit support from a gang of brutal street-thugs, the IslamoNazi FPI.




I have focused on ‘religious’ figures before, notably a fanatic who gets regular spots on tv stations that ought to know better, but that’s another cleric – what did Jefri do to deserve this abominable tribute.

Uje did not belong to the FPI alone, but to all Muslims,” said one member of FPI, Habib Hafiz, when met at the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Thursday (26.04.2013). Hafiz Habib added that they had deployed 500 Laskar FPI to escort the funeral…

One hopes that, wherever he may be watching from, Uje may tonight have a clearer view of the nature of the hoodlums who marched to his burial site.