'EU Values' – Israeli Settlements Bad, Chinese Gulags Good?

We keep hearing about the EUSSR’s bizarre re-definition of ‘European values,’ which were surely the values on which Christendom was built.




Now we have a much clearer definition, thanks to some of Brussels’ leading lights displaying grotesque double standards  on foreign affairs. European values today can be defined as arrant hypocrisy.

France and the Netherlands have joined an initiative by 13 EU states to help European consumers boycott goods made by Israeli settlers on Palestinian land.

Foreign ministers from the group – which also includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the UK – put forward their ideas in a letter to EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton on 11 April.




The text – seen by EUobserver – says they “welcome [Ashton’s] commitment to work with fellow [EU] commissioners to prepare EU-wide guidelines on the labelling of settlement produce.” It notes that: “the correct labelling of products is necessary to ensure our consumers are not being misled by false information.”

In a sign the letter is more than just rhetoric, the ministers pledged “effective implementation” of existing EU laws and promised to “circulate” Ashton’s previous appeal on labelling “to our [other] ministries and enforcement bodies.”…Ashton’s officials and the European Commission are preparing a non-binding EU code of conduct on how to apply the rules…Denmark and the UK already have labelling regimes.

So that daft bint Ashton is (typically slowly and awkwardly) preparing to do what lies within her powers to hammer Israel, presumably because she thinks they are ‘hurting human rights” and/or “unjustly annexing territory they shouldn’t.”

Compare and contrast.

China – Leading NGO Human Rights Watch says the dialogues in any case amount to a pretence the EU is doing something on values while its real focus is trade. http://euobserver.com/china/116613

===================Now back to those pesky Jews!

Meanwhile, former French and Dutch VIPs signed a separate letter last week to Ashton complaining about “stagnation” in the peace process. They said Israel’s support for settlers indicates “a permanent trend towards a complete dislocation of Palestinian territorial rights.”

Palestinian terrotirial rights?

What about Tibet?




By any standards it is an occupied country, its inherent right to self-determination denied by the colonial power, but does the EUSSR, which was instrumental in securing Kosovo’s break-away from Serbia, call for the Tibetan people to get a similar right to freedom?

No, no more than the UN’s Decolonisation Committee stops yapping about the Falklands long enough to notice Tibet’s continued subjection to Red China’s imperial sway.

They called for “a clear and concerted effort to counter the erasing of the 1967 lines” and said “later generations will see it as unforgivable that we Europeans … took no action to remedy the continuing destruction of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.”…Two of Ashton’s EU predecessors – Javier Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner – also signed.

And maybe, hopefully, later generations will see it as unforgivable that we Europeans … took no action to remedy the continuing destruction of the TIBETAN people’s right to self-determination.”

European values!?!

Yes, totally in accordance with the sort of values the nazi and fascist god-fathers of the EU adored, back in the 1930s and 1940s.



BOYCOTT RED CHINA! Or at least label goods produced in the gulags of that enormous slave-empire!