PC Pinkos See Red On Player’s Fight-Back on Redskins!

Ages ago, I used to cheer on the Stratford Indians, our local hockey team. That’s ICE-hockey – Canadians are largely unaware of girls’ hockey, as played by British teens in short skirts, but I’ll insert a photo of that sort anyway!




A few years ago, I was sorry to learn they had changed their name, but relieved it was due to a company spoinsorship and not some PC piffle about affronting the local Red Indians, of whom there were few if any!.

Then more recently I was assailed by a left-lib friend who said it was ‘ridiculous’ to refer to ‘Native Canadians’ as Red Indians!

This despite the fact that both he and I are native Canadians, so we both know that Canada now has plenty of Indians from India, and the sensible way to distinguish them from the Mohawks, etc. is to revert to the older term, whch was never used abusively, simply as a category recognised by all.


Another version is ‘redskins,’ which also happens to be the name of a famous American football team – which leads me into this extract from WND!




Amid pressure to change the nickname of his team, Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III has ignited a digital firestorm from the left by pushing back against the “tyranny of political correctness.”

In a Twitter message, he declared: “In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.”


The controversy arose as Washington, D.C., Council member David Grosso prepared to introduce a non-binding resolution calling on the city’s beloved team to change its “derogatory, racist name.”


grosso Grosso


So what’s got Grosso’s presumably Italian-origin knickers in a twist? He seems to be a fatuous fool, but judge for yourself...http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/pc-police-blast-rgiii-for-tyranny-tweet/