UK’s ‘Asylum’ Undesirables – Back to Somalia Soon?

So Sky News (above) tells us that the bad guys in Somalia are down and out, at least according to the Somali President.

If that’s the case, then there is no further cause for Western countries to take in, or continue to harbour, ‘asylum-seekers’ from Somalia. right?

Read these before you answer!

Mr and Mrs Khaliif refused to speak to the Mail yesterday. A handwritten note on their front door read ‘Media do not knock. We have nothing to say.’



The Somalian sex offender we can’t deport thanks to Strasbourg judges

A foreign criminal committed a sexual assault on a British woman after European judges blocked his deportation.

The Somalian sex offender we can't deport thanks to Strasbourg judges

Hersi claims his life will be in danger if he is sent back to Mogadishu Photo: BPM

Ahmed Hersi, 26, attacked a teenager on a bus after the European Court of Human Rights put on hold his deportation because sending him back to war-ravaged Somalia would breach his human rights.

Hersi was jailed for 12 weeks for the attack, but his conviction only came to light after he complained that he should not be sent back to his homeland because he would face victimisation for being a “rich kid from England”.