Sunday Morning Coming Down in Java – Blasphemous IslamoNazis Burn Koran!

Tasikmalaya in West Java has featured here before, as the scene of disgraceful Islamist  outrages, and despite my express wish to take the day off, I must turn your attention to its disgusting Koran-burning habits once more.

Earlier today,  a band of sacrilegious savages descended on an Ahmadi house of worship this morning and wrecked it. They also burned the Koran!


Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada Not the first time either – this Ahmadi Koran was burned in 2012. reports- that a mosque and several houses were vandalized bya number of people in the village of Salawu…the attack occurred after hundreds of Ahmadiyah congregants held a recitation, at  8o’clock..

Kompas reminds us of the parlous state of religious liberty here – the Ahmadis had been warned not to hold these lectures….

Despite this intimidation, the recitation was held, although hundreds of people were out to break up the Ahmadi event which was conducted within a police cordon.

“The attack occurred around 02:00 before dawn. Overnight here we conducted lectures for the Ahmadiyah congregation,” said Dede (56), an Ahmadi in the village of Tenjowaringin, Salawu, Sunday (05/05/2013) morning.
According to Dede, the police guarded the event to completion. However, after residents returned to their homes to sleep, an attack was launched on the mosque and several houses. The perpetrators used wood, bamboo, and stones.

“I originally heard the cries of the people during the incident, and the attackers pelted the houses with stones,” he said.

Dede added there were no casualties in the incident. He said he did not know where the perpetrators came from…he saw only that the attackers were dressed in white and some on motorbikes.

Tasikmalaya Police Chief Wijonarko confirmed the destruction of a mosque and houses belonging to Ahmadiyah.
“We are currently investigating who did it,” he said briefly.

Dressed in white, huh? Sounds like one or more of the jihadist thug gangs that infest West Java. In fact, according to another website, Wijonarko said that police suspect the IslamoNazi FPI