“Why Are You So Sexy?” Islamists Normal After All? ‘

vitalia yummy   This rather dishy Indonesian dolly is Vitalia Shesya, described by the Jakarta Globe as an adult magazine model.

The KPK is the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

So how are these two interesting bodies linked in today’s news?

“The KPK has confiscated goods believed to be linked to the money laundering activity of suspect AF [Ahmad Fathanah] from someone by the name of Vitalia Shesya,” So said a KPK spokesman on Monday“Based on her confession, AF gave Vitalia [the goods] because they were friends,” Johan said.

Nice to have friends like Vitalia. But who is Ahmed Fathanah?

KPK investigators had questioned Vitalia twice as a witness against Fathanah, a close aide of former Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) chairman


Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq.

Fathanah is a busy boy –

A  – arrested for allegedly receiving a Rp 1 billion bribe on behalf of Luthfi in exchange for steering government contracts for beef imports.


maharani sms  ‘Imported meat 100,000 rupiah per kilo ‘Local meat,’ 10 million a night! Stick to home produce!’


B – caught naked in a hotel room with Maharani Suciyono, a female university student, during a bribery bust in late January. Maharani admitted to receiving Rp 10 million from Fathanah, but described it as “introduction money.”




So the PKS, which is widely regarded here as the local version of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aspires to turn Indonesia into a shariah state, can have  apparatchiks who hand out goodies to adult mag models – oya, what goodies?

The Rp 200 million ($20,600) Jazz is now parked in the KPK parking lot and the Rp 70 million watch is now with the investigators. http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/car-and-watch-seized-from-adult-model-over-beef-import-case/

Well, cars don’t come cheap anywhere, but for ANYONE to own a watch that costs near enough 10K bucks in a country where tons of people sleep under bridges and millions more barely get enough to eat – that’s just obscene.

Although Islamist corruption is neither more nor less criminal than anyone else’s, there is something surely just a little more sickening about self-righteous shariah-freaks who rip off the simple people who believe their hogwash.

vitaliaVitalia again


Yet at the same time, I do feel a little relieved.The average Muslim male Indonesian is no more averse to lovely women than your average Christian Western bloke. But Islamists go nuts at gals who offer glimpses of more than a well-turned ankle.

And yet…

Deep down in some Islamist souls, all the uptight ‘anti’ garbage about women, sex, aurat – those yummy parts forbidden by shariah, like glossy hair, thighs, knees, mid-riffs and shoulders (women’s hair, etc., not men’s, for after all shariah is quintessentially sexist) – is clearly discounted.

They LIKE sexy women like Vitalia.

Normality lurks within.

Top photo – http://www.facebook.com/pages/MALE-Mata-Lelaki/381808411907616 

Last photo – http://www.tribunnews.com/2013/05/06/model-popular-vitalia-sesha-terima-duit-dari-af-rp-250-juta