Adolf Hitler ‘If the Jews Disappear, the Problem Disappears!’

Ahmed Heryawan ‘If  Ahmaddiyah Disappears, the Problem Disappears!’

It’s very very hard not to want to do terrible things to people like Heryawan, the Governor of West Java. As a mere foreigner, I can’t even stage a demo under Indonesian law, but at least we have a measure of free speech, and as long as I can, I’ll use it.

Most of the time, I’m a fairly cheerful fellow, and I was tonight, a pleasant day done, lunch with a charming young lady tomorrow arvo and a party to enjoy tomorrow night.

Then I sat down and found this news item from


Gubernur Jabar: Ahmadiyah Hilang, Masalah Pun Hilang Ahmad Heryawan

After the cowardly violence against the Ahmadiyyah mosque in West Java at the weekend,  Governor Ahmad Heryawan reckons that the violence need never have happened if the Ahmadiyyah creed were gone. There will be no problem if their teachings disappear.

He used the word hilang, which I recently misused to tell some Indonesian friends that I was lost, having taken the wrong turn on the street. They laughed, correcting me,

‘Hilang means gone, disappeared, like a soldier missing in action, they said. You are here. Not gone!’

So this bigot wants these innocent people’s creed to go missing, their religion to be GONE!?!

How? He condemns violence, of course, says they can even pray if it doesn’t involve ‘spreading’  their faith, but prattles about how best to herd them into what Heryawan arrogantly calls ‘True Islam,’

Meanwhile, an update – those white-shirt ‘persons unknown‘ at the weekend not only attakced the Ahmadi mosque and homes but also desecrated their Ahmadiyyah Cemetery.

And of course, the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI have leapt into the debate, our old pal Rafani, their man in West Java, telling us that Heryawan’s decree against the religious rights of Ahmadis is actually for their own protection!

When asked about the solution so that such incidents do not continue to be repeated, Rafani asked the government to act decisively to designate the Ahmadiyah as a new religion, no longer using the name of Islam.


Rafani Rafani


Oh, yes, I recall Europe, 500 years back, the Pope saying us Protestants were heretics. ”You can’t call yourselves Christians – we alone know who’s Christian and who isn’t’

Took a while, but Europe’s religious communities grew up. Why can’t the MUI?

MUI-IndonesiaHe pointed out that people of other faiths can live and worship in peace without being harassed by Muslims.
Oya? HKBP in Bekasi, Yasmin Chruch in Bogor? Gimme a break, Rafani!

But no, on he goes…
in the near future MUI West Java itself will directly face the President to ask the government to solve the issue with firmness…if not, the Ahmadiyah issue is like a time bomb that could explode at any moment, because there is an element of the public will judge the creed as blasphemy.

And it’s YOUR job, Rafani, to condemn these ignoramuses, tell them that Indonesia’s principle is Pancasila, pluralism and tolerance.