Eva MP Slams IslamoNazi ‘Kill Buddhists’ Call!

Eva-Kusuma-Sundari1 Eva
That so often admirable Indonesian MP, Eva Sundari, has warned her fellow-citizens that the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) was totally out of line with their bloodthirsty calls to murder Buddhists last week.
According to Inilah.com today, she called on all parties to stop the jihad propaganda like ‘Off to Myanmar’ because it does far more harm and offers no benefit whatsoever.
fpi kill busddhist Bloodthirsty FPI Brutes and Bints
Calls for death jihad and killing Buddhists in Myanmar voiced bythe Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) during a demonstration are very regrettable and make the situation worse,” she said in Semarang, Central Java today.


Eva  is a member of the PDI-P, ex-President Megawati’s party, and is a known voice of sanity on many issues, notably the oppression of the Ahmadis.

It’s always refreshing to hear her clear common decency.


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  • It would be nicer still to hear President SBY retract his description of these IslamoNazis as his ‘brothers.’ 

tapi saudara-saudara kita di FPI