Java Governor’s Edict Blamed for IslamoNazi Attacks

 Pendukung Ahmadiyah Tuntut Pergub tentang Ahmadiyah Dicabut

Vandalised Ahmadi mosque in West Java

======== reports that good Indonesians are stepping up the fight for religious liberty, with a demand that the bigot decree issued by West Java Governor Ahmed Heryawan be junked.

– Supporters of Ahmadis Solidarity Forum, a combination of the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Bandung, Interfaith Forum and the Declaration Sancang (FLADS), Alliance for Religious Harmony (AKUR), Cross Pancasila and the Institute of Women’s Studies, are demanding the Governor repeal his Regulation No. 12 of 2011.


ahmad-heryawan Governor Ahmed Heryawan


According to the Director of LBH Bandung, Arip Yogiawan, the decree banning Ahmadiyah in West Java was actually a justification for violence and attacks against the Ahmadiyah.


aripahmadiyahjumpersisi Pro-tolerance forum in session


“The establishment of the gubernatorial decree was very reckless – rather than relieve the problem, instead it encouraged those who carry out attacks. Based on that, they engage in destruction. Obviously the gubernatorial regulation is flawed law that should be repealed,” said Arip.


“Our position is clear, of course, any form of regulation that crosses the constitutional line should be canceled,” beber Arip.

The gubernatorial decree stipulates that followers, members and board members of the Ahmadiyah are prohibited from activities,any or all, relating to interpretations that deviate from the principal teachings of Islam…spreading Ahmadiyah teachings orally, in writing or through electronic media…installation of Ahmadi nameplates in a public place…installation of signage on places of worship, educational institutions and others with the identity of Ahmadiyah Indonesia…positioning of Ahmadi attributes in any form.

In the gubernatorial, also included banning the anarchist action and or criminal activities related to the activities of followers, members and board members of Ahmadiyah or deviating from the main points of Islam.

Oh, and it also bans violence. A bit like unleashing a mad dog then calling it to heel, surely?