Alas, IslamoNazi Thug Boss Fails PPP Candidate Test!

Well, the rain is bashing down outside, holiday weather indeed, but regardless of weather, it’s a black day for the PPP, the Islamist extremist party which had hoped to recruit notorious IslamoNazi leader Munarman as a parliamentary candidate.
Jakarta From the 4701 list of legislative candidates who do not pass the verification, there is the name of Spokesman of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Munarman sponsored by PPP.
The Commander of the FPI failed because the file was not handed over to the Commission none.
None of the forms submitted by Munarman, ranging from the status of a candidate form (form B), that on never having been sentenced to prison (BB1 form)…no physical and spiritual health certificate, not even a drug-free certificate.——————-

Munarman, a delightful fellow, would have made a wonderful MP! But I can’t say I’m amazed at his inability to produce some of those documents.

He did after all serve prison time, after that bloody riot in 2008, when his FPI scumbags attacked defenceless pro-tolerance protestors. Nor has he developed more civilised habits since.

He last year came to prominence again when he  also called for people to “hunt down ‘liberals’ in their neighborhoods, to beat on their doors and expel them.” Jakarta Globe 15/3/12


osama_bin_satan   And his FPI are loathesome creatures, cowardly louts who revel in mob raids against innocent people. Oh yes, and they publicly mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden.



Munarman, had he passed his tests, would have fitted in perfectly with the PPP, which is led by the current Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, known to our readers as the ArchBigot of Jakarta, for his downright blinkered and bizarre views, which include a deeply sincere contempt for religious liberty

-extract from our previous post on this candidacy –



Ali has denounced the Shia minority as ‘heretics,’ has called for another minority creed, the Ahmadiyah, to be suppressed, and has dismissed the constant persecution by Islamists of Christian churches, like GKI Yasmin and HKBP in West Java, as merely a matter of disputed building permits.

 The narrowest of bigots, he has opined on all manner of issues in ways that show he has no respect for other faiths’ different views on matters of public policy, most imbecilically his assertion that the sexist shariah dress code is a ‘universal standard‘ – miniskirts are OUT!

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