ANOTHER West Java Crack-Down on Religious Liberty


Ahmadis praying in what was their place of worship – that’s what pig-ignorant Islamists are complaining about!


West Java’s persecuted Ahmadiyah Muslim sect suffered another blow on Tuesday as Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) officers shuttered a mosque in Depok amid complaints from community members.

What kind of ‘community members’  get uptight about peaceful neighbours saying prayers?

I was out there, in Depok, earlier this year. You can walk around unworried, for it looks pefectly normal. But then I went to Dachau once and it looked quite normal – till you got to that old Nazi concentration camp.

communism tyranny

Victims of Nazi, Communist or Islamist Injustice, the pain is the same


West Java sure must have more than its fair share of nasty benighted bigots, because that’s all there is to the complaint, no noise, disturbance, violence, vandalism – well  there wouldn’t be, would there, because Ahmadis are good people, unlike the fanatic filth who wreck their mosques and forbid them their rights as guaranteed by the constitution.

Depok Satpol PP Secretary Slamet A. R. said. “We’re currently sealing [the mosque] again to prevent public outcry, which will lead to anarchic acts.”


satpol_pp_di_silang_monas_300_225 SatPol PP – true heroes! Hahahaha


These SatPol PP civic militia are pathetic. They’re meant to uphold public order, which ought to suggest a duty to quell anarchic acts, rather than hound honest citizens merely to placate those who’d run amok.

Meanwhile, over to Tasikmalaya, where the cops have managed to arrest just TWO members of the 400-strong Islamist rabble which not only damaged the Ahmadi house of worship but also villagers’ homes and even desecrated their cemetery.

“Both of them are local residents living in a village near the crime scene,” National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Agus Rianto said on Tuesday. “Our investigators are still trying to find out the motive.”



It’s that nauseating ignoramus sectarianism which seems to ooze out of the very soil of West Java, rank intolerance, fired up by the iniquitous Tri-Ministerial Decree which discriminates against Ahmadis.

And by the sort of shameful Hitlerian comment we covered yesterday, from West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, that life would be better if the Ahmadiyah disappeared.


ahmad-heryawan Heryawan


Listen to the dork.

“Of course we want religious tolerance to go properly but the Ahmadiyah have committed a violation by spreading a deviant belief,” Ahmad said. ”

So, Ahmed, you’re all for tolerance, unless the belief to be tolerated happens to differ from your interpretation of ‘a certain religion?’

Gimme a break, you bigot!

Poor Ahmadis – so much evil done to a small community that never offends. In Depok, they are resigned to their fate, for in truth, none of the authorities local, provincial or national, is willing to set them free from persecution and discrimination.

Their local spokesman, Mubalig, says simply“I accept this and in the future we will no longer perform activities together.”