Who’s Worse? Retard Screws Horse, Top ‘Scholar’ Wants Him Stoned to Death!


Cholil Ridwan, Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Scholars, has announced that a sad moron named Hendro, who had sex with a horse, should be stoned to death.

It’s hard to believe such a backward bigot as Cholil even gets quoted in the media, but sure enough, he’s right there, in Okezone.com tonight, ripping to shreds whatever threadbare credibility the Islamist ‘scholars’ had among the Indonesian public.



Cholil with terrorist Basyir


I’d have thought if stoning were required then it might be more suitable for a stupid klutz caught grinning in the clammy embrace of an evil terrorist like Abu Bakr Basyir  – as above!

But the Chairman of the ‘Scholars’ says it was a setback for morality, and the most appropriate punishment for Hendro in the view of Shariah law was a death sentenced by stoning.

sharia laws governing adultery…widows and widowers (adulterous) merit a sentence of being whipped 100 times and stoned (to death), while the girls and youths deserve sentences of whipping 100 times and being exiled for one year,
said Cholil, just to make it more interesting for his audience, I suppose!He went on to say punishment ought to be carried out by the citizenry, rather than a specially designated executioner…so the sentence will provide learning for the people
horsecopcomputer Don’t go riding in Bone!
Previously in the news, a man in Bone (yes, that IS what the place is called)  Regency, South Sulawesi was secured by police because caught by Cellu villagers fornicatiing with a horse. It was lucky the police quickly came on the scene as Umar alias Hendro, almost became the victim of a mob.Hendro, long divorced by his wife, admitted he had been twice to the site and had intercourse with a horse. However, the middle-aged man said he did not know why he liked horses.