In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights

Awake at dawn, window open to hear the birds sing in the trees across the street, I savour my first hot, strong kopi jawa of the day and feel that first quiver of disgust as I read of the latest wrongs inflicted on the innocent Ahmadi minority in Indonesia. reports that over 70 Ahmadis living in the Transito shelter in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), cannot exercise their right to vote in the forthcming gubernatorial election. They also do not have the right to complain because as a citizen of link here

We only ask to be treated as Indonesian citizens, undifferentiated from other residents, to participate in the vote,” pleaded Syahidin, a resident who met Metro TV on Friday (10/5).

Syahidin claims the Ahmadis in Transito have not had voting rights throughout their seven years in the shelter. because they are not registered on the electoral register and do not have ID cards as Indonesian citizens.




We’ve tried to go to the Civil Registry Office for an eKTP. But once they (office staff) know I live in Transito, my name is scored out again,” Syahidin recounted.

The KTP is the ID card all Indonesians MUST have.

Metro added that the Ahmadis’ life in the Transito very alarming…

For those who don’t know, these harmless villagers were terrorised out of their island homes by a mob of Islamist savages, while the cowardly cops stood by and watched.



Ahmadi Kids in Exile – Grown Up by Now!


That was indeed seven years ago, and there was an action re-play when some brave souls tried to return in 2010. On that occasion a HUNDRED spineless policemen bottled out of their sworn duty to protect and serve.

The local authorities refuse to provide anything more than this miserable camp, most welfare cut off years ago – though they did once toy with a scheme to re-locate the victims of Islamist barbarism to a desert island! (Yes, seriously!)


And the swine who did this, and still do this, to the Ahmadis go about with sanctionious smirks as they greet each other with the words Peace be unto you!  I hope they rot in Hell.

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