Jakarta – Kota Tua – A Jewel Worth Polishing!

Good news from the Jakarta City government, a festival in August, “Creative Festival of Kota Tua (Old Town)” – to promote the historical sites in the original area of the capital.

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Mari Elka Pangestu announced this week that the concept of the festival was to provide the space for people to fill with creative industry products and art performances. According to Mari, Kota Tua badly needs better promotion as a local icon, “so it has to be promoted on a grand scale through such an interesting event.”

I take pleasure from my occasional strolls around Kota, from Fatahillah Square with its old Town Hall, said to be haunted (of course) and its Art Deco Railway Station, still a hive of commerce, loads of commuters to and fro daily.



The Old City Hall


There are plenty of museums, but even the waterside walk could be a joy, if only the waters were not so polluted that one ponders if they themselves could be walked on – though I don’t recommend trying!

The plans apparently include extending museum hours, which are currently ridiculous, closing early arvo.

But they also need to be discussed seriously, since there is an express wish to rid the area of vendors.

As I’ve said before, these vendors do no harm and provide snacks and coffee at affordable prices – surely nobody wants Kota to become a mecca for the affluent alone.


cafebata  The wealthy have the Cafe Batavia to relax in, but I like that warteg across the Square,much better, cuppa jawa for Rp.3000, and a cheery smile from the lady who serves it up.