Something Wicked This Way Comes – IslamoNazi Fuhrer in West Java

[VIDEO] Habib Riziq ke Jawa Barat, Polisi Jaga Aset Ahmadiyah
Fuhrer Rizieq
========== reported on the flurry of activity by security forces as Haib Rizieq, Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled’ IslamDefenders’ Front’) arrived in West Java.
As the report notes, members of his sectarian gang are suspected as the perpetrators of the sacrilegious attack on the Ahmadiyah mosque, Koran-0burning and desecration of graves in Taskimalaya a week ago.

Nice to see the cops out and about, but meanwhile in Bekasi, also West Java, where the Regent, No-Shame Neneng, has sealed off the Ahmadi place of worship with a high metal fence, things seem to be building up towards more trouble.


ahmad-heryawan Governor Heryawan


West Java’s Governor, Ahmed Heryawan, said a week ago that there’d be no problem if Ahmadiyah would just disappear!

Reports from Bekasi later today