Row over SBY ‘Tolerance’ Prize Boiling Over

The decision by New York Rabbi Arthur Schneier to award Indonesia’s President SBY an award for tolerance continues to escalate.



Though the rabbi concerned apears to listen only to his own advice on these matters, indignant Indonesians have launched a petition against the plan.

The Facebook page promoting the petition pointedy includes a photo of the notorious Cikeusik Pogrom, when three innocent Ahmadis were martyred by a mob of 1000 Islamist hoodlums.



The piece of garbage in the photo struts around free today!


A handful of those involved got ludicrously short jail terms, along with one Ahmadi punished for resisting the scum, but to this day nobody has been charged with murder.




President SBY could of course order his National Police Chief, Timor Pradopo, famous for his friendly relationship with the IslamoNazi FPI to re-open the case with a view to redressing this gross injustice, but so far he hasn’t.

pradopo murhali

Pradopo with leading Bekasi IslamoNazi


And it is well-known that the police have received no orders to enforce the high court rulings in favour of persecuted Christians, at Yasmin GKI in Bogor, and HKBP in Bekasi.

Yesterday we published a letter sent to Rabbi Schneier, from a noted Catholic professor here in Jakarta,

One wonders if Schneier will pay heed to anything excet his own peculiar judgement.