Multi -Cult Hell – Alien Ingrates Run Amok in Sweden



SOME 200 youths have hurled rocks at police and set cars ablaze in a suburb of Stockholm in the second day of rioting triggered by an incident in which police shot and killed a man wielding a knife.



Dozens of windows were smashed, 10 cars and several containers were set on fire, and seven police were injured. Cars and containers were also set ablaze in another Stockholm suburb, Fittja, although police said it was not clear the two events were linked.

swedish Real Swedes are not rioting!

The unrest began on Sunday night, apparently in response to the May 13 shooting, in which police killed a 69-year-old man, armed with a knife, who had locked himself in an apartment in Husby, an area west of Stockholm predominantly populated by immigrants.

Good Lord- it takes three paragraphs before the report identifies the key to the problem – multicult migration. And are we talking about ‘asylum’ parasites? I ask because Sweden has had no colonies for a century or more, so they can’t have any legitimate claim to be there. Nor are they in any way skilled or useful people, clearly.

So these worthless people were graciously allowed into Sweden, yet have the audacity not just to whine but to RIOT because not enough is done at Swedish tax-payers’ expense to make life sweet for them,

Hell, if they aren’t happy with the standard of living, or with the conduct of the Swedish cops, then nobody’s stopping the dirty ingrate aliens sodding off back to whence they came.

Mind you, I have to say something about how the cops are handling things – they are making the same mistake as Brit police did during the London Riots a year or so ago – they aren’t opening fire on the scum!

Prime Minister Reinfeldt is quoted as saying that Husby – where around 80 per cent of the roughly 11,000 residents are first or second-generation immigrants – has been going in the right direction during his seven-year tenure...

Seems to me that those intruders unhappy with their lot should be pointed in one direction only – GO HOME!