Estonian Petition Against Aberration



I see that Estonians are fighting back, with a huge pro-decency petition, which was delivered, with over 38,000 signatures opposing same-sex “marriage” to the country’s parliament last week.

I always admire the Baltic Repubics, ‘vanished’ for fifty years or more into the marxist maw, then out, back in the sunshine of freedom.

But they made a big mistake exchanging the USSR for the much more sinister tyranny of the EUSSR, with its poisonous hatred of real European standards and values.

Spokesman for the Estonian Foundation for Defense of Family and Tradition, Slawomir Olejniczak, told LifeSiteNews that the petition campaign was the largest and most successful collection of signatures ever carried out in the country of 580,000 households against a proposed change of law.

“Family = “
What is particulalry disturbing, hwever, is Olejniczak’s revelation on Estonia’s National Broadcasting Union (ERR)  which completely boycotted covering our petition – I mean totally, – but it has now published a small news article in its English language based portal, which is meant to give information to foreigners about Estonia.”
Brits too petitioned, but were spurned by their Parliament.
The Estonian public broadcaster noted in its article that under Estonian law, “same-sex couples have no right to wed. The situation is unlikely to change before the next parliamentary elections in 2015 as the two coalition partners are at odds over gay rights.”
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The ERR report cited a study conducted by Turu-uuringute AS last September which found that 60 percent of Estonians are opposed to same-sex “marriage.”

Let’s hope Tallin’s law-makers have a finer grasp of democratic principles than curs like Cameron in London and Salmond in Edinburgh.

A short video of the presentation of the Estonian Foundation for Defense of Family and Tradition pro-family petitions to the Chief of the Parliament on May 14th may be seen here.