Fifth Amendment Reds Revisited? Here We Go Again!

obama-vampire-275x300                                                It is quite astonishing how that arrogant Obamanoid flunkette Lerner dares to defy legitimate questioning from the elected representatives of the American people.

Not unprecedented, however.

Back in the Fifties, when a previous generation of congressmen and senators was similarly trying to root out a cancer gnawing at the USA’s body politic, a shoal of subversives abused their ‘constitutional right’ to conceal the facts about their alien allegiance from public scrutiny.

They were the Fifth Amendment Communists, who, when asked if they were members of the CPUSA, declined to admit their true loyalties, on the grounds that telling that truth could incriminate them. 

Now this IRS bint, after braying that she did nothing wrong, invokes the very same cheaters’ charter. But it looks like there are still some law-makers around today who will not be fobbed off thus.



“After consulting with counsel, Chairman Issa has concluded that Ms Lerner’s 5th amendment assertion is no longer valid,” committee spokesman Ali Ahmad said Thursday in an email. “ She remains under subpoena, [and] the Committee is looking at recalling her for testimony.”

How nice it would be to see this vixen caged for her contempt. But while the IRS deserves harsh punishment for its witch-hunting of conservatives, there is a wider aspect, and i quote Rush Limbaugh.

“The fact that the IRS story was not reported before the elections is a huge factor in Obama winning, make no mistake about it,” he explained. “I want you to imagine that everything happening now was happening last May and going into last summer. Everything we’re hearing about the IRS: targeting the tea party, and the IRS babe that was handling this now being promoted to handle Obamacare for the IRS – imagine all of this that’s happening now, happening exactly one year ago.

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