ELEVEN THOUSAND Aliens in UK Jails – Only 62 Deported!

After our previous congratulatory post on China’s sensible court decision to execute the swine who strangled a baby, here’s an excellent article in the British Telegraph this week, about the travesty of ‘justice’ in the UK, a prime example being that lying LibDem toe-rag Chris Huhne. He got eight months for his crimes and was out in eight weeks.

As the author of the piece, Michael Heaver, acknowledges, Huhne isn’t likely to be a danger to law-abiding Brits.


But what about all those terrorists we have featured, the murders and rapists, and all the other crims, a huge number of whom are undesirable aliens.

They too get sentences which, while barely adequate to start with, are then cut down, and down, and down, by a variety of nonsense rules that see them back out on the rampage long before the undiscerning public would suspect.


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Heaver reckons that the judiciary’s dislike of custodial sentences is surely influenced by the fact that, in the past ten years, the number of foreign prisoners in Britain’s prisons has doubled. People are horrified when I tell them that in 2011 and 2012 just 62 out of 11,000 foreign prisoners were repatriated from British jails….

Cameron and Theresa May again, though they’d turn round smarmily and say “Oooh, dear, not allowed, the European Court says I can’t!”
And in some cases that’s true, the Cur and his minion won’t stand up to the ECHR – but in many other such cases, it’s just their own irresponsibility.
Heaver speaks up too on the ridiculous way the foulest of creatures are pampered by the system, Ian Huntley’s sheltered existence, with his private cell and suicide watch ( see link Huntley, who murdered the two ten-year-olds in August 2002, is now reportedly enjoying a life of privilege behind bars, eating luxury food and watching his favourite football team on television. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9384582/Ian-Huntley-refuses-to-apologise-ten-years-on-from-Soham-murders.html  will in all likelihood be afforded to child-killer Stuart Hazel…a man who was trusted by a young girl and repaid that trust by sexually assaulting and murdering her…———————-Tia Sharp’s father believes that Hazell should be given the death sentence rather than protected for the rest of his life. And so say a majority of Britons http://www.independent.ie/world-news/europe/twothirds-want-death-penalty-for-terrorists-in-uk-29300673.htmlI hope our Indonesian readers spread the word that the diplomatic dog’s-bodies at the UK Embassy here speak for nobody but themselves and EUSSR lick-spittles – most Brits want capital punishment restored and heartily applauded Indonesia’s execution of the Bali Bombers.


bali_bombers   Like many others, I had a good glass of miras and some bacon butties to celebrate.

EUSSR-Flag EU  – ‘Save Scum’s Skins!’


But if Cameron won’t stop kow-towing to Brussels on the death penalty, he could at least see to it that fewer obstacles are placed in the path of the many decent criminals who, given half a chance, would snap Huntley’s and Hazel’s necks with a whoop of joy. 

And all those thousands of crimmigrants?

Offer them a one-way ticket home or hard labour for a decade or more.

I think that would do the trick!