UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers – NAUGHTY Oz!

The question of Australia becoming a republic is for its people to decide, though as a monarchist I’d be sorry to see that happen.




The debate is on-going but one of the more facile arguments put forward by anti-monarchy campaigners is that somehow the Crown detracts from Oz sovereignty, Aussies subject to the UK, as if HM would get sudden word from Cameron to thwart proposals by the Government in Canberra.

Palpable nonsense, but the curious thing is how the very same lefties who shrill in that vein see naught wrong with a serious, very real subordination of Australian sovereignty to an outfit run by ‘representatives,’ many of whom hold office at the behest of blood-stained tyrants and backward despots (eg. the rulers of Zimbabwe, Cuba, Saudi, Iran, Red China, etc.)

I refer of course to the United Nations, one of whose tentacles, the UNHCR, has once more insulted the elected representatives of the Australian people, as reported in The Australian last week.

The UN refugee agency has taken Australia to task over a tough new policy that allows boat people who reach its mainland to be sent to remote Nauru or Papua New Guinea for detention while their asylum claims are processed.

Hardly tough – it’s a lot softer than most Aussie voters would like – recall the recent survey showing they wanted ALL migration stopped!

The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said that the approach was at best wrong, and fell foul of the 1951 international treaty covering handling of asylum.

On the latter point, maybe so, in which case repudiation of that damnable treaty is long overdue. Why be bound by a deal signed six decades ago when the current tsunami of parasites was undreamed of?




On the former point, who  the hell do these jerks think they are? They are entitled, as I am, on a personal comment level, to think Oz is ‘wrong,’ but, as institutional dog’s-bodies, drawing hefty UN salaries some of which come from Aussie tax-payers’ pockets, they should be told, as an Aussie left-lib not long ago told me, to shut your pie-hole!’

UNHCR’s position has always been for all asylum-seekers arriving into Australian territory, by whatever means, and wherever, to be given access to a full and efficient refugee status determination process in Australia…in line with international refugee law,” said Volker Turk, head of the agency’s international protection.

Like, uh, how many has Volker housed in his own spare room? Not many, unless he wants to risk a spot of domestic arson, maybe some violence, certainly disorderly, riotous scenes in his living room. These intruders are ungrateful louts.


Asylum-seekers riot in Australia

Asylum scum burn tax-payers’ property


UNHCR underlined that it had found “serious shortcomings” at asylum centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea…it was imperative that the more than 18,000 asylum-seekers who have arrived by boat to Australia since 13 August 2012 be provided with a fair and effective asylum procedure.

No, what’s imperative is that the influx of would-be snouts-in-the-trough be STOPPED, REVERSED and NEVER AGAIN be allowed to recur.




Already burdened with too many bludgers of the home-grown variety, as in the UK and Canada – Aussie’s public purse should not have these alien wasters battening on as well.