Wotta Banker! ‘You’re Too British – You Need Eurinated!’

What a total banker Mario Draghi is!

mario-draghi-2 Draghi


Who’s he?  None other than the big boss of the European Central Bank!

And he says Brits are not ‘European’ enough!

“..what I can say is that Europe needs a more European UK as much as the UK needs a more British Europe,” Draghi said in a speech on Thursday (23 May) at the City of London Corporation.





Gibberish? Yes, somewhat, but he revealed his true meaning soon enough.
He explained that while the eurozone is “a more stable union today than it was a year ago,” more steps, including “some transfers of national sovereignty” were needed for the financial crisis to be overcome for good. http://euobserver.com/economic/120227
Yeah, right. They make a monstrous mess, so they make a grab for more powers from the folks they’ve screwed –  to fix it!
Gimme a break!

Interesting to note that the EUSSR Commissar i/c Olive Oil has backed off, temporarily, please note, after gales of derision rocked his ivory tower arrogance.


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Barely a week after it was announced for “hygiene” and “consumer protection” purposes, the EU commissioner in charge, Dacian Ciolos, rushed to the same press room on Thursday (23 May) to announce he was withdrawing the measure.
Referring to the “quite strong reactions,” Ciolos said he had decided to “not submit it for adoption….”

But while the oil olive saga is over for now, it may be revisited.

Ciolos said he plans to consult with both consumers and producers before coming up with a new oil initiative. http://euobserver.com/news/120221

In itself, a minor issue, but these reports show that even the EurocRats are not immune to public pressure – except on matters they see as key to their advance to supranational control over each nation’s sovereignty.

The only way forward for freedom-loving peoples is OUT!