Euro-Court – Enemy Alien OK But No Joy for Christian Brit!

Those unelected rogue judges on the ECHR have once more shown their truw colours.




LONDON, May 29, 2013 ( – Lillian Ladele, a civil marriage registrar who brought a suit against her employers for trying to force her to participate in same-sex civil partnership ceremonies, has been denied the right to appeal a complaint previously dismissed by the European Court of Human Rights. She has been told that she can take her complaint of anti-Christian discrimination no further.


Lillian Ladele

But when an evil Islamist turns to the same court for succour…
….what happens?


The European Court of Human Rights has issued a ruling  (Othman (Abu Qatada) v. United Kingdom (E. Ct. Hum. Rts Jan. 17, 2012))  to the effect that the UK may not deport Omar Othman (better known as Abu Qatada, an extremist preacher long linked to al Qaeda) to Jordan, where he would face criminal charges.

So now we know!
The lady, a decent Christian Brit,  gets ECHR’s cold shoulder.
The man, a subversive alien, 
gets their protective embrace!