As Prez Gets Prize for Tolerance, Islamist Bigots Rant for Shut-Down of Churches AND Ahmadis!

Dozens of Police officers and the City of Bekasi Bekasi municipal police were forced to disperse the mob that blocked the road…Luckily the uproar did not last long…
And that was because the leaders of the rabble were invited into the lobby of the mayor’s office.

The demo demanded action against at least three churches –  the Pentecostal Church, Church of Christ Rahmani Indonesia, and the HKBP (Batak Christian Protestant Church). You’ll recall the spiritual nature of previous protests against HKBP in Bekasi, bags of urine and death-threats.
Although the mob claimed to be residents in the neighbourhood of the churches, their leader was a man named Arifin, North Bekasi Chairman of the FUI, Forum Umat Islam, a particularly vicious Islamist outfit often involved alongside the IslamoNazi FPI in street mayhem.


fui anti-america FUI Savages

Arifin was playing the usual tune about building permits,

“Three churches already sealed because no building permit (IMB) since February 12, 2013, but until now there has been no demolition by Bekasi City Government…”

Neneng two-facedi

No-Shame Neneng, Persecutrix and Regent


Insatiable haters, these Islamists. Twas only a month or two ago that Bekasi’s Regent,  No-Shame Neneng, had one church demolished – now they want more?
…until now the Christian church is still doing worship. “We think that is a form of provocation to the citizens….Never in our village! ” he said.

So of course it’s not a sectarian demo, purely citizens motivated to see that the rules on building permits are followed meticulously?
 The rabid face of Islamist extremism was on display, no serious effort made to hide it. 

In that action, the mob of protesters also urged Bekasi municipal government immediately to take stern measures against the existence of Ahmadiyah congregations in Bekasi. They asked for Ahmadiyah to be disbanded and banned because its teachings are not in accordance with Islamic law…

So their issue is clearly sectarian then, not a technical permit problem.

This demonstration came less than a day after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received his award at the headquarters of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation of New York, United States.
In his speech, Yudhoyono said the award was not intended for him alone, but also for all the people of Indonesia.

ALL of them, Mr. President? Even those mean-spirited primitives in the photo above?–di-bekasi-demo-tolak-ahmadiyah