Islamists Lower Than Snakes’ Bellies – ‘Bury Your Own Dead If You Approve a Church!’

Earlier today I wrote about the US  Ambassador’s little outing to Tangerang, just outside Jakarta,and I said it wasn’t much of a place for pluralism.

Now a keen local reader has alerted me to a news item I’d otherwise have missed – and it’s a doozy!

  • SomethingWickedbcweb
  • reported last week from Tangerang that for the past month banners have been plastered around Pondok Jagung Timur.

located in the middle of the residential area, they contain a prohibition against local people who support the construction of a church.

Not half-hearted, but loud threats – a threat to local residents that no funerals will be afforded their dead if found to have supported to the construction of the church. 

Well, that just about takes the biscuit -I know islamists are scumbags with barely a trace of common humaity to be found in their black hearts, but…WOW!

And if you don’t believe me, here it is!


And what’s more – if more were needed – the church already has its building permit, for which, by Indonesian law, it required a minimum number (60) of local residents’ signatures.

Not far from the location of the banner, there’s vacant land surrounded by a zinc fence. At the front, mounted on a signpost there is a typed notice, building permit (IMB) issued blue BP2T South Tangerang City 645.8/19-BP2T/2013 numbered, with the name of the Western Indonesia Protestant Church.

Inside the gatehouse, Dede, 48, the site supervisor said the activities of the church have been temporarily eased off, deliberately, following the reaction of those people who reject church development activities.

According to him, the action was based on suspicions about the legality of the construction permit granted to the building’s owner. The development process itself will be re-run with residents pending completion of mediation.


“Permission has been authorized. If it’s illegal why there is a signpost of a building permit BP2T Tangsel?” said the middle-aged man.


Head of the Body for Political Unity and Community Protection (Kesbangpolinmas) of South Tangerang Dedi Budiawan confirmed that local permits have been issued.
In addition, the agreement that exists in the community had previously been based on the establishment of places of worship requirements as set out in the Tri-Ministerial Decree (SKB)


But what’s next?


.. the development procedures at the site of the church, he continued, based on mediation between citizens together with local officials are now indeed suspended. This policy was undertaken to clarify again on the grounds that no one party should feel aggrieved.


What the heck?


He admits it all went through every level needed to get the go-ahead, and because a gang of obscurantist primitives don’t like it, everything comes to a halt until they nod their empty heads in approval? Like, when Hell freezes?

He added,with regard to the banners from rejectionist residents, in the near future decisive steps will be taken, and appealed to relevant authorities to immediately take them down.
“It will be coordinated with the municipal police and the local district…avoid banners provocative to other people.”

Chairman of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) Tangsel Fahrudin Zuhri felt that most of the neighbourhood strongly deplored the response…
He hoped interfaith fraternity that has long been fostered in South Tangerang isn’t damaged just by little things.

Fine words from both men, but why the pandering to bigot beasts who attempt intimidation on decent members of their own Muslim community already burdened by bereavement?.

Metro didn’t spell out whose authority is inscribed on the bigot banner (because Indonesians can read it for themselves) but for you folks out there, it’s from the USTADS, the clerics, of Pondok Jagung Timur.

Men of God? You gotta be kidding.


It’s one thing to take a point of view, but to threaten those left behind that their loved ones won’t get a proper burial?

These Islamists are lower than snakes’ bellies.