Jakarta – Obama’s Man Re-Decorates Islamic School – No Help for Ahmadis, Who NEED It?

His amazing Excellency, US Ambassador Scot Marciel, reportedly joined in on a community service activity as part of his visit to Assidiqiyah Islamic boarding in Tangerang on Saturday.
scotdubesas1  ‘Scot’ with Islamic School host
. “Community service in the US is a routine activity in which we volunteer every Saturday,” he said…Scot helped paint the floor of the school’s basketball court while other embassy staff members worked along school teachers and students.
How kind of ‘Scot!’
First-name terms with this diplomat?  Usually ambassadors are described as Mr. in news reports.
Never mind.
But since they’re so close, why didn’t the reporter ask ‘Scot’ why he hasn’t actually gone where help is needed, to Tasikmalaya, where the Ahmadiyah mosque was vandalised by Islamist hoodlums a month ago?
tasikmalaya ahmadi mosqwe Islamist Hoodlums vandalise Ahmadi mosque
Unlike this pesantren, the Ahmadis probably NEED help – sorry, not ‘probably,’ definitely. They are persecuted daily here in Indonesia, and ‘Scot’ surely knows that.
But ‘Scot’ had other fish to fry at Tangerang, which is a notably bigoted city.
In 2006, restaurant employee Lilis Lindawati was arrested at 8 p.m. by public order officers on her way home from work. Lilis was sentenced to eight days imprisonment and fined Rp 300,000. The court claimed she violated an article in the law which stated that anybody perceived as a prostitute or behaving suspiciously was forbidden to appear in “streets, fields, boarding houses, inns, lodgings, hotels, homes, rented houses, coffee stalls, entertainment spots, theater buildings, street corners and alleys.” http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2008/12/26/bylaws-imply-any-woman-could-be-prostitute.html
The US envoy also spent time with the school’s head, Noer Muhamad Iskandar, and his students to discuss inter-religion tolerance, radicalism, terrorism, open opportunity to study in the US, bilateral ties between Indonesia and the US and Muslim life in the US.
So what did ‘Scot’ say to these people?
Did he tell them that the constant oppression of Ahmadis, and the illegal closure of churches like GKI Yasmin and HKBP Tambun, is an affront to every standard of religious liberty recognised by civilised people?
I doubt it.
 ‘Scot’ with Bigot Mayor Rahmat Effendi
Whatever he said to that Islamist bigot Rahmat Effendi, Mayor of Bekasi, during their cosy get-together a while ago –  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/obamas-jakarta-envoy-snubs-religious-liberty-protestors/ – it hasn’t dissuaded Effendi from waging war on freedom out there in West Java.
Ahmadiyahbekasi mosquesealed Ahmadi mosque in Bekasi, sealed by bigot authorities

Scot said interreligious tolerance was pivotal not only for Indonesia but also for the rest of the world. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/06/01/us-envoy-participates-community-service-assidiqiyah-boarding-school.html

How trite! How futile! How fatuous!

His boss, Obama, is spending millions to promote his ‘gay’ agenda across the Third World. Not a penny to assist the Ahmadi kids confined in the Transito camp, not a penny to restore the vandalised Ahmadi mosques!

If  ‘Scot’ had gone out to Tasik and mended a few broken windows, he might have eased the pain in many a broken heart, crushed by the White House’s indifference to their plight.

Or he could ring his pal Rahmat, and paraphrase Reagan’s fine words – ‘Tear down that fence!’