President SBY’s Tolerance Prize – Tolerance of What?

So SBY got his prize for ‘tolerance.’


But what is he going to do now?

Tolerate the continuing thuggery of the FPI, the continuing rants of the MUi, the continuing failure of his police to enforce high court rulings in West Java, where bigoted Islamists like Mayor Diani and Regent No-Shame Neneng show utter contempt for religious liberty?

Or will he do what we all hope for?

“As we move forward, we will not tolerate any act of senseless violence committed by any group in the name of religion,” he said.


But how can he move forward until he puts right the wrongs that still scream for justice?



How about arresting somebody for the murder of the three Ahmadis at Cikeusik two years ago? Nobody was EVER charged with murder, only with piffling little charges that disgraced Indonesia before a watching world.

“We will not allow any desecration of places of worship of any religion for whatever reason. We will always protect our minorities and ensure that no one suffers from discrimination.”

Good idea!



So how about restoring to the Ahmadis their mosque in Depok expropriated by the local Islamist authorities? How about re-arresting the two ‘clerics’ whom the Tasikmalaya cops released last week, despite their alleged involvement in the desecration of the Ahmadi mosque there?

Yudhoyono, who has frequently been criticized for failing to uphold the law in such cases, also promised that he would “make sure that those who violate the rights of others will face the arms of justice.”

OKAY! Right on, Mr. President!

  • gkyasmin%20maret%2027%20maret%202011
  • So when your plane touches down back in Jakarta, you’ll summon National Police Chief Timor Pradopo and ORDER him, on pain of disciplinary action, to unseal Yasmin Church, in accordance with the Supreme Court decision, and protect its congregation from harassment by Islamist louts like GARIS and FORKAMI?

He added that law enforcement alone was not enough. “Hearts and minds have to be won. A culture of tolerance and an inclusive approach have to be constantly promoted.”

More excellent in-put!

  • Pdt. Palti
  • So, promoting a culture of tolerance, leading by example, SBY will join Pastor Palti at Tambun next Sunday and brave the hail of filth hurled by filth, escorting the HKBP Protestants to their court-approved house of worship?

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