Resentment in Bali at Islamist Anti-Bikini Outbursts!



The absolute arrogance of the MUI is once more embarrassing normal Indonesians, that drivel spouted by their virulently intolerant Abdusommad Buchori –– being quoted in the Balinese website we often use.



…as a Muslim country, Indonesia should not have anything to do with the event.

Ignoramus! Part of the event in question is apparently being held IN BALI, which is of course overwhelmingly Hindu, and Indonesia is officially a pancasila (pluralist) state!

But the pussy-footers in the Government are getting in on the kill-joy act.

Bali News: Bali: The No-Bikini Atoll?

.. the deputy minister of tourism and the creative economy, Sapta Nirwandar, said the government is urging the organizers to avoid or minimize the use of bikinis in the competition, Adding, “But even if they do wear one, it should be in a closed room.”

What an ass!

(I’m referring to the deputy minister, rather than rehearsing any comment I might wish to make if observing the girls with or without bikinis) .

Apparently, Sapta is trying to accommodate and appease objections tabled by conservative Muslim groups in Indonesia who claim the swimsuit segments would be offensive to traditional Indonesian values.

Once again, ignoramuses (and NOT conservatives, please, they are radical extremists!) Traditionally, in Bali, the girls wore nothing above the waist and so Indonesian values less narrowly defined, however, see the Balinese scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about.


bali dulu breasts


I know I’ve covered this before – – but the reaction among Balinese gives cause to refresh my dismay at the craven cowering of officialdom before the MUI and similar backward-thinking bigots.

…in Bali male and female beauty are celebrated and oftentimes flaunted via diaphanous kebayas and half-naked danseurs chanting in the moonlight.

In Bali the locals are anything but prudish. As a result,  the prospects of a bevy of world’s beauties descending when Bali acts as co-host with Jakarta of the Miss World 2013 pageant in late September 2013 is welcomed news for Bali, eager to benefit from the world-wide exposure and the chance to “eye” some of the world’s most beautiful women.

Sapta Narwandar, at least, seems aware of the stupidity of the protests by sectarian sour-pusses  “Those who are protesting are only seeking attention. We have been staging Miss Indonesia, Putri Indonesia and other beauty pageants for a long time.”

And a great thing they are – if not messed up by pandering to Dark Age drips. The Government should tell them to enjoy another popular activity in Bali – GO FLY A KITE!

PS Just saw this photo of the finalists in Miss England, one of whom will be coming to Indonesia. I’m including it just because I like it.

All together: The finalists showed off their swimwear in preparation of the Beach Beauty competition