Red Rabble Fail to Silence UKIP’s Call for Freedom!

So once more the red rabble that infests the UK show their contempt for free speech – echoes of abuse rang out as opponents tried to shout him down.




But their aim of shouting down Nigel Farage in Hove this week was not achieved. Likely any undecided citizens who came along just to hear what the man had to say will have been swayed UKIP-wards by the character of the louts who oppose him.

The local newpaper describes the nazi-style tactics deployed by some of the 100 protesters waving European flags and carrying placards with anti-racist messages.

Instead of challenging Farage with facts or figures, their concept of rational discussion was exemplified by shouts of “scum” and “racist.” 

Fine, I call IslamoNazis etc scum quite often, but they can, and probably do, say the same about us conservatives at their meetings. They may carry on doing so, as it’s their meeting.

But Monday’s was UKIP’s meeting and these leftist layabouts were trying to prevent the audience, most of whom wanted to hear UKIP, from doing so.

Nothing new about left-lib intolerance.

The National Union of Students in Britain long operated a policy of ‘no platform’ for rightwingers.  Maybe they still do. It was marxism in action, deliberate suppression of anti-communist speakers, for when it began, the NUS was under the control of a Communist Party-led coalition of marxist movements.


  • The left are often akin to vermin in their inhumanity, as when Norman Tebbit had to hear shouts about his crippled wife when addressing a student union meeting.

Good to see the reds were booted back out onto the street, where there are gutters galore, their natural habitat, in which they are absolutely entitled to say what they wish.