Resistance in Aceh – Citizens Oppose Shariah Oppression!

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

Hardly surprising, to anyone except the running dogs of theocratic oppression, that “there are still parties who are unhappy with the implementation of Islamic Shariah in Aceh!”

What is surprising is Syahrizal Abbas’s use of the word ‘still,’ surely. He’s the king-pin of that sad province’s Shariah Agency.

Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]

He must live in a somewhat different world from the rest of us, if he imagines that the passage of time will make the citizens of the ‘Verandah of Mecca’ more acquiescent in the iniquities of a law-code which regularly produces horror headlines about the shariah gang and theit state-funded gestapo’s bullying of –

women who ride motor-bikes other than side-saddle

couples who hold hands in public

people who enjoy Aceh’s own traditional dancing North Aceh’s district head banned all adult women from dancing when welcoming guests in North Aceh

Muslims who stand up to anti-social blaring noise from mosques

And, lest we forget, those who have died  = the little teen whose heart-rending farewell  note to her father we posted last year.

and those religious dissenters in a rabid mob onslaught, in which cops ultimately blamed the victiims because they wanted to worship in their own way.\


syahrizal-abbas Syahrizal Abbas


Shariah is intrinsically unjust, especially to women, but indeed to everyone. Acehnese were given no referendum when it was implemented there, so it therefore shouldn’t come as a shock to Syahrizal that organised resistance is taking shape.

(I might add that people on some websites, who rail hatefully that all Muslims are bad, should learn from this news, because clearly this resistance includes Muslims angry and ashamed that their creed’s reputation is being dragged through the mire by what goes on up there!)

But nevertheless, Syahrizal is urging all parties in the province to use mass media and social media to promote positive perceptions of Islam.

But is he getting in a tizzy over a storm in a tea-cup? Is the opposition significant?

Yasir Yusuf, thinks so. He’s a professor who runs the Aceh branch of IKADI,and like Syahrizal, he’s unequivocal in his claim that there are efforts which aim to undermine the Islamization of Aceh.

“Their movement is really academic and systematic. It involves social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter…” He also claimed that the group behind the scheme often held biased discussions on Shariah…


That’s a remarkable word to use, given the rancid intolerance which permeates public discussion in the shariah hell-hole.

“Their talks quote national and international media sources, even though such news is formatted to create stereotypes about Islamic Shariah in Aceh,” Yasir asserted.


Wow! Maybe they even read RRA!


Anyway, given the disturbing growls this month from the Islamist ‘scholars’ in Jakarta about how Aceh’s misery should be extended nationwide,  one must wish the resistance good luck.


I’m sure they must have many, many supporters among Acehnese with a conscience.


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