At Last, Proper Shopping at Pluit Village – June 14th!

On 14th June, Carrefour will open in Pluit.

Pluit Village that is, what we used to call the MegaMal Pluit, which of course in times past had a large Carrefour, I seem to recall.

When I went there a few weeks ago, the only thing that resembled a supermarket was a kind of make-shift general store, quite good but hard to find your way around, though its prices were pretty good too, Rp.21,000 for a bottle of Anker, so I stocked up for the house-warming.



So a step forward, and I only mention it because, as noted by more than a few foreign shoppers, Carrefour shop assistants do have a tendency to be quite cute, more so than those of rivals like Giant and Hero.

Lotte Mart’s too are fairly fetching – I was even transfixed by a head-scarfed honey in Kuningan City, not something that oft befalls me!

But she was so beautiful I stopped in my tracks, forgot my quest for cat-food and when she noticed, and smiled back, it was like a sun-shiney ray of eastern promise.

The various levels of allure among shop-assistants deserves another article devoted to rthe subject- I’ve spent some time recently with an employee of Matahari Department Store, who is a delight to behold, and I hear from her that Matahari management take considerable care in selecting their gals.

Good on them!


  • Blok  M Square's Carrefour
  • ……Blok M  Square
  • ========
  • However, that’s for another day.
  • Meanwhile, I await the new Carrefour with anticipation, hoping the branch management are more grown-up than their colleagues at Blok M Square, who don’t cater to customers who like bacon.
  • It must vary according to the whim of local management, for in Permata Hijau’s Carrefour, you can buy nice haram foods, and in Lotte Mart at Gandaria City, pork is on sale, unlike in their Ratu Plaza outlet.
  • ==========================
  • ===Lotte Mart, Ratu Plaza
  • Readers may wish to advise of any change in these matters.