Cast-Iron’s Al Qaeda Collaboration At Risk in Commons

Quite frankly, helping the ‘Syrian Rebels’ is an act of madness.




We have seen what happens when unlikeable regimes in Arab countries are overthrown. They are replaced by intolerant Islamists, whose policies are much more inimical to the civilised world than their authoritarian predecessors.

Iraq’s liberation was a noble cause, but victory over the evil Saddam was not followed through successfully, though at least the government there is not as bad as …

Egypt – now ruled by Muslim Brotherhood savages who think Jews are desended from pigs and dogs.

Libya – the people’s original hopes that Ghadaffi would make way for the monarchy’s return? Dashed!

Tunisia – once a beacon of sanity on the far side of the Med, now sinking into shariah.

Obama, of course, will do all in his power to promote the Islamists he dotes on.




But why should Britain go down the same calamitous path?

Fortunately, it looks like enough MPs in the UK are ready to resist Cast-Iron’s latest folly.

So what will poor David do now, poor thing? Defy the will of Parliament, as he flagrantly defies the will of the people on so many issues?


Snake Fish2 Voters have shown their venom towards the prime minister by comparing him to a snake…


The Snake has got to go!