Islamist ”Scholars” – ‘Violence If You Don’t Knuckle Under!’



That vindictive bigot, Gusrizal Gazahar, Chairman of the Padang Branch of the MUI, the Islamist self-styled ‘scholars’ of Indonesia, is stepping up his sectarian struggle to prevent construction of Siloam Hospital (see ) in his Sumatran domain, with a protest lodged last week at the West Sumatra Provincial Parliament, the DPRD.

“…if the government still insists on development Siloam Hospital..then Muslims will react violently. Because the problem of faith is a sensitive area,” 


Once more we owe our knowledge of this squalid campaign to the Islamist website,-mui-datangi-dprd.html,

Guszizal’s full title is Chair of the Padang MUI Fatwa and Law Body so you’d maybe expect more coherent objections to the hospital, which, as we reported previously, is a project of the multi-million-dollar Lippo Group, which owns banks and media too, including the Jakarta Globe.


Riady is said to be Christian, but given the JG’s constant bleating on behalf of the wretched ‘gay’ agenda, it’s very clear to anyone with more than a handful of brain-cells that his business empire is not in the business of promoting Christianity as traditionally understood!

But no, the MUI’s sectarian obsessions won’t take that reality into account. 


And don’t forget it ain’t just the fanatical MUI- our last report confirmed the collusion in the benighted protest of NU and Muhammadiyah, supposedly ‘moderate’ Muslim organisations.



Ghastly Gus presents protest to Hadison,Vice-Chair of DPRD West Sumatra.
Planned development of Siloam

Hidayatullah says that Gusrizal fears the development (which will encompass not only hospital facilities, but shopping malls,  schools and hotels) is not being implemented purely as a business, but could end up changing the face of West Sumatra!

That would not, in my view, be such a bad thing, if the MUI represents its current fizzog.

(I keep thinking of Gus’s nasty vindictiveness when that poor atheist got into trouble for offending Islamists.


But of course the MUI, contrary to GG’s assertion that his outfit is ‘the voice of the people,’‘ doesn’t.represent West Sumatra.

The DPRD does that, or should, and Ghastly Gus’s statement criticized city leaders ready to risk proselytizing practices

Interestingly, the ‘scholar’ harked back to the 1970s, when a previous generation of primtives succeeded in blocking construction of Imanuel Hospital in the city of Bukittinggi, again, as the name suggests, because it was sponsored by people of a dfferent faith.

So we shall see.

Jobs, good health facilities – the area’s elected leaders, one hopes, will weigh all that in the balance before they bow to backward bigots.