Israel Visit Row – Bloodthirsty Islamist Bemoans ‘Hurt Feelings’

That abominable Islamist Muhammad Al Khaththath has topped up his MUI colleagues’ extravagant ranting against MP Tantowi Yahya, who had the sheer brass neck to suggest listening to both sides of the Gaza conflict.


  • Khaththath  Al K


Khaththath is arguably the most unpleasant fanatic in the country. His latest outburst came in his capacity as leader of the FUI, whose sane and balanced Mid-East policy can best be illustrated by that photo of one of their street-louts carrying a placard saying Israel should be wiped off the world map.

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Ooops, sorry, wrong photo. That one illustrates their anti-American hate. Here’s the one I meant to show you.




You’ll note that his placard is published by Hizbut Tahrir, but fear not, Al K is a veteran hate-merchant for that outfit too!

Given his record of immersion in hate-groups, like FUI and HTI, you’d think a major, government-sponsored and funded organisation like the Indonesian Council of Scholars (MUI) wouldn’t touch him with a barge-pole.

  • MUI-Indonesia

Tantowi’s statement that Israel had nothing against Muslims is an inconsequential revelation. ”He (Tantowi) is inconsequential,” said Muhammad Al Khaththath in Jakarta, Friday (14/6).

According to Khaththath, Israel has been colonizing the Palestinian Islamic country and repeatedly debasing the sanctity of the Aqsa Mosque.

Yes, Al, we’ve heard all that jihadist hogwash before. And we have pointed out how Palestine, and Egypt, and Syria, etc. were all colonised long ago when the Muslim hordes invaded the Byzantine Empire. Here’s the map again – please  study it!




Also  they often bombard Gaza which has resulted in many injuries and damage, even loss of life.

And Hamas, CAIR’s valiant heroes, don’t bombard Israeli civilian targets?

But never mind, pass the hankies, please – it’s the ‘hurt feelings’ drivel once more!

”His statement  hurt the feelings of the people and Tantowi ought to be fired from the House and the Golkar Party,” said Khaththath.

Tantowi should be relieved Al K only wants him fired. When Alex A’an, a Sumatran atheist, revealed his theological doubts, what price did Al K demand be paid?

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