Ramadan Looms – Intolerance Already Underway!

Hey-ho, away we go!
Ramadan’s not due to start for another three weeks yet, but already the sheer intolerance which comes to the fore – during a month allegedly all about restraint and self-denial – is in full flood.
Up in Indramayu (allegedly where the loveliest girls grow) the SatPol PP (civic militia) have nailed their grim tidings to the mast, telling everyone, Muslim or not, fasting or not, that they might as well stay in and watch TV for four miserable weeks – no nightspots will be opening during Ramadan. And for sure no alcohol will be on sale!
Not for a day or two, which would be fair, to let staff be sure of a break, but for a MONTH!
Do these kill-joys never stop and think that this fasting caper is meant for one section only of the community, and that the rest of us, who have no intention of dragging the devout into night-clubs, should in no way be prevented from going about OUR preferred routine activities?

  …nightclubs in Indramayu district will be closed and banned during Ramadan.  Closure is done in honour of Muslim worship during the month of fasting.
In honour of?
I respect the right to fast, of those who wish to fast, but that’s as far as it goes.
I won’t wave glasses of beer temptingly under their noses, nor even waft a plate of savoury fried rice at them, as they walk past the curtained eateries on their way to pray.
That would be rude and mean-spirited of me.
But equally, I see no reason why any self-righteous prig should begrudge me a night out in a bar just because they’re not partaking.
I have never yet heard ANY rational justification for this crass intolerance on the part of the religious and/or political authorities here.

“Circular letters will then be made for distribution to entertainment businesses,” said Deddy Suhendi, Head of  SatPol PP, Indramayu, on Sunday
Deddy said the municipal police will hold an ‘operation social sickness’  in collaboration with the relevant agencies, namely the police, the military, the Prosecutor, and Social Affairs, Manpower and Transmigration Indramayu.——
That is just offensive. There is nothing ‘socially sick’ about enjoying a night out. In fact, some might say it’s a sign of robust health that we can do so, so often!
Unfortunately, some bigoted clowns won’t say that at all – in fact they are so obsessed with their self-restraint they’ll run amok!
The operation, said Deddy, also aims to anticipate turbulence among residents who feel uneasy with activities in a number of nightclubs. 
Sticky-beak bigots, in other words, who hate to think anyone else can have fun when they’re not. Publicans and sinners, be warned!
“If there are those who are stubborn or against this, we’ll enforce applicable misdemeanour regulations,” said Deddy.
Deddy added that officers also have netted dozens of pimps and sex workers in the monthly routine operation. They were then handed over to Social Services for coaching.
Coaching? That made me smile – I don’t think the translation does justice to what’s meant. The gals get taught domestic skills, then get turned loose, to go back to their more lucrative activities, as a rule.
Taufan (51), a resident of Lemahmekar, Indramayu District, welcomed the planned operation. According to him, it is necessary to respect the Muslims  fasting fervently.

Why is suppressing OUR social life NECESSARY?




In fact, fervent fasters should thank us because they are meant to resist temptations of the flesh and if all such are unavailable, what sort of test is that?