‘Scholar’ Scolds Hijab Star ‘Don’t Go On Miss World Show!’

Good old Hidayatullah.com, a fiercely Islamist website, brings us lots of news missed by the English-language media here in Indonesia, so let me pass on the latest jewel in the jihadi crown, a ‘scholarly’ scolding for a head-scarfed star who can still, it seems, think for herself.

The gal in question is Fatin Shidqia, who, as you see, is hardly an Islamophobe!


Fatin-Shidqia-Lubis-XFI Fetching Fatin


Like many of the women here who feel obliged to wear jilbabs, she doesn’t quite succeed in hiding her sexy looks. With Indonesian females, it’s practically impossible!

But her conformity with shariah aurat rules hasn’t saved her from a tetchy telling-off from no less an authority on feminine charm than Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema ( ‘Scholars’) Council (MUI)  Art and Culture CenterA. Cholil!




He said he was surprised and disappointed to see the appearance of X Factor contestant winners, Fatin Shidqia to enliven the Roadshow Miss World 2013 on RCTI.

The kill-joy clerics are currently in howl-mode against Miss World, because they can’t abide gorgeous gals who are seen in public places un-shrouded in shariah-compliant garb.

But get this next yelp, which exemplifies their nasty intolerance.

According to Cholil, MUI rejects Indonesia hosting Miss World. For him, even though the show is convening in Bali, MUI still rejects it, because Bali is part of Indonesia.

So the fact that the other creeds and cultures which make up this very diverse country may  (do!) have their own very different standards from benighted shariah bigotry is a matter of supreme indifference to this sorry specimen?

I’ve little regard for any of the mediaeval MUI mob, but Cholil deserves special scorn for his own lack of moral fibre, allowing himself to share not only a platform but even a warm embrace with a filthy terrorist swine like Abu Bakr Ba’asyir.



Cholil, posing cheerily with a terrorist pig


The mangy old cur is currently serving a long sentence for his crimes, but when Cholil smiled for the camera, he knew exactly what sort of scum he was smiling with. No shame, no conscience…


And no shame either about his contempt for the tolerant people on the Isle of the Gods. Bali is overwhelmingly Hindu by religion, and thankfully free of the Dark Age mentality which loathes lightly clad lovelies.

“The world will still be told that Miss World was held in Indonesia, the largest Muslim population in the world,” he said…

Big bloody deal!

Indonesia will get praise and prestige because of Miss World, largely DUE to Bali.

But part of the event is being held in West Java, of all places  – a more backward province it would be hard to locate – and I suspect the local Islamist morons will demonstrate or worse, bringing Indonesia back into disrepute, just as Cholil’s antics do.

Oya, a PS  – what he had to say about Fatin’s successes.

“Never mind that she won in the X Factor because she was wearing a headscarf.”

Odd but telling words. So he reckons that even in talent contests, some people win because of sectarian prejudice? That figures, I guess, though it’s unfair to Fatin, who’s pretty talented.

I would like to advise Fatin and her parents to immediately cancel the contract… http://www.hidayatullah.com/read/29019/18/06/2013/mui-sesalkan-fatin-dukung-miss-world-.html

And from over here on RRA, I would like to advise them – tell Ole Bakr Hugger to sod off!