Unfair to Muslim Illegals? IslamoNazis Demand DEATH!

A very strange story from Tribunnews.com from Medan, in Sumatra, where many illegal aliens are held. That was where a mob of Rohingya savages murdered eight Buddhist fellow-inmates in April this year. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/murderous-savages-en-route-to-oz/

This latest report concerns the consequent trial.


The incident began shortly after the opening session of Medan District Court, when somebody called Begum Senuara, a Rohingya female watching her brother’s appearance at court saw a man she knew as an officer in the detention center wandering around the room.
Strangely, this Burmese illegal at once rushed to report his presence, not to the numerous police in the vicinity, but to a gang of local FPI IslamoNazis who – almost as strangely- were present at the trial.

Their fair-minded approach to Myanmar’s problems was best shown at the demo in Jakarta last month when FPI actually carried banners calling for murder of Buddhists.


fpi kill busddhist

“She told us that the man, named Yendri, had allowed Buddhist refugees to enter the rooms of female Rohingya refugees.”

This from the local FPI Gauleiter, named Dahrul Muhammad Yusuf.

Instantly Medan District Court turned rowdy as Sumatra FPI members, who were overseeing the trial, went swarming at the man… FPI sympathizers became emotional that Yendri had been maltreating women refugees. They were lashing out.


“Immediately we took him to the Police because the situation there was heating up,” said Dahrul.


dahrul fpi Gauleiter Dahrul


He said he did not want to guess the purpose of Yendri coming to court. However, he had asked the police to investigate Yendri for showing favouritism in granting facilities to Buddhist refugees.

It’s not for us to say if the accusations hold any substance.

But it’s worth noting that guards might take a milder view of the Buddhists because they are not queue-jumping ‘asylumers’ at all, just fishermen who were caught in Indonesian waters. One of them told of their ordeal last April.

“There were too few guards and they just couldn’t get into the block” when violence erupted last week, a clearly traumatized Soe Paing told AFP at the overcrowded, two-story building on Sumatra island….Around 60 of the Rohingya sealed off the entrance to their block with chairs and tables before launching the deadly attack


Needless to say, the IslamoNazis manage to reduce the issue to absurdity by dragging in shariah prejudice.

Dahrul also questioned the leadership at Rudenim Belawan Detention Centre for letting refugee women and men mix in the same room.


Rohingya refugees also reported other forms of discrimination such as not being allowed out of the detention center as were Buddhist refugees.

Could be because the Rohingya are determined on illegal entry to Australia, whereas the Buddhists just want to get home?

We will continue to monitor the handling of Yendri in Police. If possible, he should be put to death,” he said.


PUT TO DEATH!?! No further comment required. These nazis are nuts!