Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!”


The MUI seems to be on something these days.

The Islamist self-styled ‘scholars’ have long been noted for eccentric ( ban yoga!) to downright unspeakable (female circumcision okay!) fatwas, but recently they appear to have decided on an all-out push for shariah rules across the length and breadth of Indonesia.


We’ve reported on their arrogant declaration that the Police here have ‘no right’ to prescribe uniform regulations that preclude bag-head gear for lady cops..


Amidhan-MUI-2011 Amidhan


Now Amidhan, their top man, has launched a campaign to outlaw sales of beer in mini-markets. says that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) reckons the sale of liquor at the mini market has deviated from the rules. Moreover, before the entry of the holy month of Ramadan.

Aaah, so that’s it. Ramadan fever’s got ’em!

The imminence of Fasting Month does indeed usually signal the on-set of intolerance, as i posted the other day, and Amidhan’s doing his ‘scholarly’ bit.

MUI chairman Amidhan said sale of alcoholic drinks in minimarkets market is clearly an aberration. Supposedly, said Amidhan, liquor is only available in major hotels that are there for foreigners and nonMuslims.
If sold at a mini market, this is a despicable act...”
According to him, the sale of alcohol should not be in places that are easily accessible to the general public.
So only allow lager sales on mountain tops, or space-stations, maybe? This guy never took marketing at college.
Likewise it should be forbidden to sell alcohol in places close to schools and houses of worship.
There are clear rules about selling cigarettes to under-age customers, and the same sensible policy applies to beer.  As for ‘houses of worship,’ does Amidhan really think his ustads are going to send their flocks home after a rousing sermon in the mosque, only to have them duck into a mini-mart and stock up for a ‘wee session?’


If so, he has little faith either in the flock or indeed in the effectiveness of said sermons!

I have warned the government to oversee the sale of alcohol with a watchful eye,” he said.

Well, if you’re going to oversee something, a watchful eye is the thing to use!


Amidhan also urged Muslim businessmen to not sell illicit goods, because the presence of illicit goods would eliminate the blessing of his business.

Okay, all the usual shariah stuff, seeking to deny to others what you don’t care to enjoy yourself. Childish, but routine.

Then the poison starts a-dripping. Amidhan says he hopes ‘community organisations’ won’t do vigilante sweeping before they lodge complaints with the authorities.

And then?

If  employers do not heed this appeal by MUI, Amidhan asked that nobody be blamed in the event of mob fury.

“What’s in it for them (to sell alcohol)? Comes the time when there are those who are angry because they feel disturbed, then do not blame anybody,” said Amidhan.




Pontius Pilate couldn’t have said it better.