Jakarta IslamoNazis – ‘Stop All Night-Life – Forever!’

I see Governor Jokowi, usually a sensible city ruler, has ordered that Jakarta night-life be curtailed because numerous drug transactions occur in such places. He’s given cops the green light to make all discos, etc close by…well, no specific time yet.

But earlier than the 3 or 4am many swing on to at present!

Many questions arise – notably, will posh hotels be included? The report says all hotels but even during Ramadan, international status hotels are not much molested. One must have SOMEWHERE to hang out!

jokowi-twitter Jokowi

But while I acknowledge he’s working with the best of intentions, it won’t work.

Not everyone, not even most everyone, who goes out to dance and drink and have fun is into drugs. I’m not. We’ll be unjustly penalised, packed off home before we’re weary of revelry.

And those who buy and sell drugs will just carry on their illicit business at other times and/or in other places.

I’m not so presumptuous as to imagine I know more about Jakarta than the Governor – he has far more sources of info than I, for a start – but most people I know can rhyme off the dens where drugs are prevalent.


indonesia drugs


One particular disco, an horrid place, so dark you can hardly see and so noisy you can’t hear, is notorious, Only last week I was telling a young lady I know that she should avoid the place.


She won’t. She’s a wild thing, all the more likeable for that, but…well, you know the kind I mean. The mystique of danger. And that disco can be very dangerous. 

If the authorities want to hammer drugs, close the noisome dump down.

But that’s not the topic – it’s, as usual, the IslamoNazi FPI.

No sooner did Jokowi announce his plan than up popped the white-shirts, to tell everyone that EVERY night-spot in Jakarta should be closed, totally and permanently!

“Then get rid of them, no need for nightlife, do not just simply cut hours of operation,” said Habib Salim alAthas.


No need for nightlife? So what do Islamists do at night? Oya, they go out on the prowl to look for people having fun – then stop them. So if the FPI got its way, they’d be bereft of purpose!


habib salimx FPI’s Habib


Yep, it’s our old pal, the FPI Gauleiter of Jakarta, who concluded his thoughtful in-put by saying Jokowi shoukd not do things by halves….

“Yes, we will support all programs of good intention to stop immorality, he said.
To that end, said Habib Selon, it had to be made clear to the city governmentclose the evening entertainment venues, do not only reduce the operating hours




Jakarta without nightlife….

Pasar Rumput no more,

Jalan Jaksa no more,

Belora no more,

Falatehan no more…

Unimaginable…but they’d do it to us, if they got the chance.