Jakarta – US Embassy Faces Fanatic Facts – Not Before Time!

Well said, Your Excellency!

At least if Merdeka.com has accurately covered the news that the Embassy of the United States in Jakarta is criticizing the condition of religious freedom in Indonesia.


  • scoteffendi US Ambassador with Bigot Mayor

In its 2012 international religious freedom report, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Embassy claimed to have received a number of reports of collaboration between state apparatus and hardline Islamic groups against members of religious groups that are considered deviant.

“There are reports stating that the police work closely with hardliners against sect members whom they consider ‘deviant,’ when enforcing laws that restrict religious freedom,” according to a U.S. State Department report on religious freedom in Indonesia received by merdeka.com, Tuesday (18/6).

In the report, the U.S. government stated that the Police had collaborated with FPI and other hard-line groups to disperse a number of events considered deviant. One was the discussion with Canadian Irshad Manji, author of the book ‘God, Freedom, and Love’ (Allah, Liberty, and Love) in Jakarta on May 4, 2012 last.



“After the public statement by condemning the work and the FPI accused Manji as a lesbian, police and FPI ended the event. A later discussion was dissolved by Sunni hardliners in Yogyakarta, while the police did not take any action.”


Another example of it is written in the report, about what happened in Kampung Cisalopa, West Java, on July 8, 2012. When the cops with village leaders arrested Tijaniyah, an Islamic sect leader and some of his followers.


This was done because the local government, police, military, local MUI and hardline Islamic organizations Islamic Reform Movement (GARIS)  accused the group’s leader, Sumarna, of spreading a distorted understanding of Islam to his followers. They appealed to adherents of the sect to return to mainstream Islam.

“On August 19, about 1,000 members GARIS burned seven houses belonging to Sumarna and his followers. The attacks followed the failure of the search for missing GARIS leader, Ustaz Edin Zainudin. Cops who came to the scene found the body of Zainudin about 460 meters from the house and then Sumarna catch Sumarna.

According to a leading human rights group reports, Zainudin often issued harsh criticism against Sumarna and his ‘deviant’ group. At the end of the year, Sumarna case is still pending. No arrests were made in relation to attacks on members of the sect. “

gkyasmin%20maret%2027%20maret%202011  Yasmin Church – cops refuse to enforce high court order


Garis, RRA readers know, is the thug gang deeply involved in the persecution of Yasmin Protestant Church in Bogor. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/its-the-mayors-business-not-gods-former-indonesian-vp-to-persecuted-church/



Not only that, the U.S. government also received a report that monitoring the spread of atheism in Indonesia has increased after an atheist civil servant, Alexander Aan was arrested. The atheist was sentenced to 30 months because there had been been posted on a Facebook page  statements and related materials on atheism which the local MUI considered to be defamation of religion.

  • MUI-Indonesia
  • MUI is a menace to religious liberty throughout indonesia. Just put those wretched letters in our search engime on RRA and you’ll be reading all night long!

“Aan was punished for having violated the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions prohibiting the disclosure of information that is made to spread hatred or conflict among individuals and groups or communities based on ethnic, religious or racial. Upon conviction, Aan argued publicly that he has left atheism and reportedly moved (back) to Islam. At the end of the year, he was still in prison.”http://www.merdeka.com/peristiwa/kedubes-as-polri-suka-kerjasama-dengan-fpi.html

A good report, though far too limited, no mention of the Ahmadiyah’s victimisation, constant persecution by No-Shame Neneng, Regent of Bekasi, and US Ambassador Marciel’s pal Mayor Rahmat Effendi in that same dank Dark Age city.’

It might also have noted the total failure of Government or Police to enforce the high court rulings in Bekasi and Bogor, which have been defied by bigots like No-Shame and the diabolical Diani, Mayor of Bogor.

And it would be a gross sin of omission in any catalogue of shameful bigotry if Gramedia’s book-burning were not high-lighted! The directors of Gramedia are educated men, not moronic louts like GARIS’s boot-boys, so no excuse! https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/bayunis-bravado-gramedias-grovel-jakarta-posts-double-standards/

Having said that, maybe the report did cover those cases too. The pressreport is no doubt limited by space.