Scottish Red Nazis Stalk UKIP Leader – Hammer Them!

The ugly spectre of red nazi violence haunted Scotland yesterday, as a gang of marxist louts calling itself the Aberdeen Anti-Fascist Alliance succeeded in disrupting UKIP’s campaign tour..




Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said there is “something unpleasant going on” in Scotland after a chaotic day’s campaigning, with a senior party figure claiming there is a “problem with democracy” north of the border.

Mr Farage was forced to repeatedly change his plans after a proposed press conference venue and a meeting with a senior councillor was cancelled…it was cancelled at the last minute. Ukip blamed the cancellation on threats of “violent” protests.

=Ukip Leader Nigel Farage campaigns for the Aberdeen Donside by-election. Picture: PA=
Earlier, they were forced to change their press conference venue following a late cancellation by the Marriott Hotel, in Dyce, allegedly following threats…

Make no mistake, this is exactly the same intolerant agenda we have seen before  – and not just in Scotland. RRA has already posted on similar subversive activity in England.

It goes back to the Seventies, at least, when the National Union of Students introduced their disgraceful so-called ‘No Platform’ policy, banning conservatives and other rightwing speakers from campus debates, meetings etc.

Cultural Marxists, and by that I regret I have to include many ‘left-libs,’ who are about as illiberal as it comes when democratic freedoms are at stake, have made it plain they will not countenance the British people hearing both sides of the argument on immigration. 

  • No Surrender, TUV OK!    - But UKIP on Mainland Britain
  • They fear the ballot-box consequences if Brits grasp that at last they have a chance to stem the unwelcome tide.

UKIP’s opposition to the EUSSR pro-crimmigrant policies has rendered the people’s party liable to boot-boy assault, and whether it was the NUS, or SWP in the past, or today’s so-called ‘Anti-Fascists,’ whose thuggery would not be out of place in the Hitler Youth, it needs to be stamped on.

Universities, for a start, should invoke their misconduct rules against under (or post-) graduates who bring disrepute on their alma mater by engaging in hoodlum tactics and subverting democratic principles. And welfare bums who go rampaging on violent demos instead of looking for honest work should have all benefits cut off. Resident aliens who behave thus should be expelled.

Those simple steps would diminish the rabble turn-out quite dramatically.