Java – Islamist Persecution’s Latest Victims are MUSLIM!

Yeah, Ramadan is just around the corner, that ‘holy month’ devoted to restraint and reflaction, and here’s the news.

Members of the Sampang Shia community have been evicted from a sports complex where they had sought refuge for the past year, and have been forced to relocate to Sidoarjo in East Java.

The incident has occurred less than a month after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received an international award in recognition of his work in promoting pluralism and human rights.

Those words from the Jakarta Post sum up the monstrous intolerance and disrespect for human rights spreading across Indonesia.

The rest of the report you can read for yourselves, but note especially how officials from the Sampang regency administration  are bowing to pressure…


  • sampang_0 Sampang Refugees
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  • Sunni scumbags even seized the place used by the poor refugees on Wednesday for a mass prayer, known locally as istighosah.


So now they treat not only the Ahmadis as second-class citizens, who don’t get proper protection of their rights, but also the Shia – and those are islamic groups who use the Koran.

What fate awaits Christians, who already have had churches sealed and demolished, but have yet to feel the full frontal assault of jihadist hatred here.

And listen to the ‘great and good’ – (HAHAHAHA)

Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi said that relocating the Shiites to Sidoarjo was the best option the local government had.  He said that the move was to prevent future violence.



“As a matter of fact, we have no problem if they insist on coming back to their village. But we in the government will take the blame if there is another attack,” Gamawan said.

But is it not the job of government to safefuard these people, Indonesian citizens?

Well, the Police have washed their hands of that old cod’s-wallop about the duty to ‘protect and serve.’

  • fpipradopo5 Pradopo enjoying IslamoNazi hospitalityf
  • National Police chief Timur Pradopo said. “We will secure the local administration’s policy.”

And the pathetic Speaker of the House? Marzuki Alie maintained that the relocation was only a temporary measure until the security situation in their home village improved. 



“It is crucially important to prevent a situation like this from worsening. Some groups seem to dislike peace breaking out in the area. The Shia community can return to their village later on, once things become better with time,” he said.

For God’s sake, it’s surely parliament’s and the Minister’s job to make sure that time is NOW! The Indonesian Armed Forces saw nothing out of place in collaboration with the nauseating Operation Prayer-Mat, against the Ahmadis.

If they are so keen to involve themsleves in religious problems, why not deploy a regiment to pacify the Sunni savages of Sampang and ensure a safe return of the Shia to their homes?

Or would that be too much like tolerance for the authorities here to contemplate?