EUSSR Goes Mental Over Menthol!



EUSSR Uber Alles!


More arrant hypocrisy from the EUSSR, as EU ministers of health have reached political agreement to strengthen EU tobacco legislation….



The ministers endorsed a deal that would ban menthol, fruit, or chocolate flavoured cigarettes. Other rules include imposing large graphic warnings.


But they love to rake in the taxes!

If these clowns had an iota of principle and really believed there’s a dangerous drug being flogged, they’d ban it.

But they instead posture with silly schemes to make life unpleasant for defenceless citizens.

A-holes extraordinaire!

Oh, and BTW!

I do wonder if their spies here i.e the British Embassy staff who waste tax-payers’ money sticky-beaking into Indonesia’s internal affairs (like their disgraceful yapping against this country’s admirable retention of capital punishment) have sent back reports that Yours Truly smokes the cigarettes pictured above.

I used to enjoy Kansas brand here, but it disappeared, first the regular, then the red, then finally the green. I switched from each as it was phased out, so ultimately became used to menthol.

Hence when Kansas Green vanished, I was left to try another menthol, and chose Lucky Strike Hijau!

However, this slightly anarchic archipelago is not poisoned by PC nonsense yet, so we smokers are still quite free from EUSSR-style coercion. Except for the imbecilic tv censorship, which plasters opaque squares over fags ( sorry, poofters!) as well as cleavage exhibited in movies –


Sexy_Maid_by_CatoKusanagi   Cleavage (just in case any local readers lacked the necessary English vocabulary! )


– though again, they rake in a fortune from cigarette advertising..

And rest assured, I won’t be heading back to Blighty in the foreseeable future, so none of their mental menthol harassment will impinge on me!




Thus Brits and the rest must fight for their freedoms alone – though of course RRA will egg on the Resistance!