Indonesia’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in Deep Doody!

My Jakarta afternoon didn’t quite work out as relaxing as I’d hoped it would, and, in addition to that, I encountered the latest increase, forty percent, no less, in bus-fares, so I must admit on getting home I was buoyed by the Jakarta Globe’s headline today, and I reproduce it below for your delectation also.


New PKS Chief as Dirty as Old One: KPK


The story concerns the Prosperous Justice Party, widely regarded here as the local version of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose more famous overseas leading lights include Egyptian President Morsi,  famed for his clearly stated view that Jews are descended from‘apes and dogs.’


morsi-camp-e1341800861654 Morsi


Unlike Barack Obama, who is eagerly pouring in millions, or is it billions, of tax-dollars to help Cairo’s Jew-haters, most Americans, and other Western civilised peoples, are repulsed by primitive bigots of the Morsi sort, and it’s fair to say that the PKS here is run by equally repulsive creatures, the ‘Chief’ referred to in the headline being none other than Anis Matta.


anis-matta Anis Matta


We at RRA have repeatedly held him up as an object of disgust and derision  for his adulation of mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden.


  • osama_bin_satan
  • Sp it’s enjoyable to read the whole JG article, which begins –

As his predecessor goes on trial in a far-reaching corruption scandal, Anis Matta, the current president of Indonesia’s biggest Islamic party, now faces allegations that he took up to Rp 1.9 billion ($192,000) in kickbacks in a similar case.

  • pks_logo1
  • This fanatical Islamist party remains part of President SBY’s governing coalition, which is somewhat incredible, as they have just rebelled against a key government policy, but, for reasons hard to fathom, SBY won’t kick them out. (The JG’s own analysis gives no clues!
  • ———————————-
  • What is especially pleasing about all this is that it has shown up for
  • what they are the pretensions of the PKS to be a ‘clean governnance’ party.
  • Their alleged bag-man, Fathanah, has hit the headlines again and again for his close relationship with HEAPS of yummy females, like this one –
  • vitalia yummy Vitalia is in no way corrupt or dishonest, but her every visual inch is an affront to anti-sex Islamist prigs


Aside from the hyper-raunchy aspects to the long-running PKS saga which must have alarmed many a head-scarfed granny, millions of Indonesians have undoubtedly voted for the PKS not because of, but DESPITE their Dark Age shariah ideology. Corruption is endemic here and if anybody seems to be free of that taint, then they get support.

It appears improbable that in future elections, any significant proportion of the PKS vote will be based on that premise.