No School for Child Victims of Islamist Savagery? reports that eight children of Ahmadiyah families in the Transito camp in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara, face threats to stop them going to school.


They do not have a birth certificate as a condition of entry to primary school.


Based on information compiled by Tempo, a birth certificate cannot be obtained because the marriage certificate of the parents disappeared after the attack in February 2006.

What attack?

At that time, 32 Ahmadis houses occupied by 116 people in Gegerung, West Lombok regency, were destroyed by a group of people.

Before we move onto the rest of the report, I must say it’s a shame that the group of people were not clearly identified as primitive Islamist savages. Mobs of bigots rampaged into their little kampung, no police help or even interest in halting the mob violence, and to this day those sectarian scum have gone unpunished.


lombok  frienl83_3n HAHAHAHA!

That’s why I always urge people not to take vacations in Lombok – it’s run by mean-spirited fanatics who care nothing for citizens’ rights.

They were then evacuated to Transito shelter and residence documents until now have not been issued, including ID cards….
Head of Education Department of Elementary Education, Youth and Sports of Mataram, Zaenal Arifin, said the problems faced by the Ahmadis should be addressed specifically. “We will give a dispensation as long as the child is already seven years old,” he said. According to Zaenal, they have the same right to education.



Ahmadi children, refugees in their own country, hounded by islamists


Ombudsman Representative West Nusa Tenggara, Adhar  gave an  assurance to provide assistance to such children. “They have to go to school, because it is their right.”

Fine words, but listen to this apparatchik.

Cukup Wibowo Cukup Wibowo

Mataram government spokesman Cukup Wibowo said the legal documents pertaining to any provision must be completed by the Ahmadis. Moreover, they were originally residents of West Lombok. “They must first be processed for their moving from West Lombok to Mataram City,” said Wibowo.

Yes, sir. As if they had moved house voluntarily, ordering removal trucks and choosing to live and work in your fine city. They are involuntary refugees, whom your government disdains!

By your nit-picking, you are compounding the cruelties these innocent people have suffered for years in your city’s miserable camp, where basic facilities have gradually been reduced again and again.

If you deny these kids their schooling by playing bureaucrat games, you are complicit in persecution, sir, a disgrace to your city and your country.

Incidentally, ‘Cukup’ means ‘enough’ in Indonesian – so enough hogwash, Cukup, how about some heart!

If your provincial government had any decency at all, they’d get the police to escort these people back to their home village, round up the sectarian vermin who drove them out, and put THEM in a camp, preferably with barbed wire and no time limit on their detention.