Islamist ‘Scholars’ Disown Thuggery – But We Gotta Behave!

Well, another sun-shiny day just turned into night, so I’m taking a rest from the social scene, with a busy weekend ahead.

I had a hugely filling meal of Indonesian food at a local warung this afternoon, but noticing the fridge is nigh empty, I’ll need an outing to the shops tomorrow.

Bacon and eggs for Sunday breakfast must be purchased.


But first, still imbued with well-being because yesterday was such a pleasant day, I’m going out of my way to be fair, and quote from the MUI’s latest claim to civiity.

, Ahead of Ramadan, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) insisted that all Islamic organizations  not engage in sweeping against evening entertainment. They have their respective duties. That duty is the duty of the police,” said Deputy Secretary General  Amir Syah on Wednesday (26/6).


  • amirsyah tambunan-mui- MUI’s Amir Syah
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  • Right, nice to hear, Amir, and one hopes your MUI colleague Muhammad Al Khaththath was listening carefully, because, as we reported yesterday, he’s gearing up to go a-sweeping!
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Just for new readers, ‘sweeping’ here has a different meaning from overseas.


Far from improving the tidiness of the floor, it means grabbing a club and invading other people’s property to belabour them into collaborating with the intolerant Islamist agenda that descends on Jakarta in the run-up to Ramadan.

Amir went on to say that Ramadan fasting values ​​consist of self-control in matters of  thoughts and feelings. Thus Muslims everywhere should not engage in destructive actions or provocative propaganda.

Again, welcome words, especially when set against those of his senior MUI colleague, Amidhan, who told anyone inclined to carry on business as usual during Ramadan ‘don’t complain if you’re attacked!’

  • Amidhan-MUI-2011 MUI’s Amidhan
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  • Amir continues that the Koran rejects such behaviour. “Sweeping is against the teachings of Islam,” he said.

Amir gave as example the character of Prophet Muhammed, who had been wronged by kafirs who didn’t like him. However, the Prophet actually responded with a polite attitude, amiably.


  • ==============
  • A fine example, indeed, somewhat different from that of his bloodthirsty MUI colleague Al K, who said a harmless atheist in Sumatra should not just be jailed for his ‘crime’ but PUT TO DEATH!

But then, after dwelling on this moral glory of the Prophet’s teachings,  Amir explains that, if there is to be self-control on the part of Muslims, it would require the cooperation of all parties.


Cooperation is to promote a caring attitude and respect religious people who are doing fasting. Amir asserted that any business upen should go along with the values ​​of religion in Indonesia.

Like, uh, what does that mean, if not deny the rest of us, who are not part of HIS religion, the right to, for example, party the night away in a dangdut dance-hall, or just buy some beer in a minimart?




Which is what he’s demanding we MAY NOT (not just SHOULDN’T) do. And not even just through the long boring month ahead.

According to Amir, this should be respected not only in the month of Ramadan, but in the following months also – “Proprietors, don’t try luring Muslims into injurious steps!”

For pity’s sakes.

Is he actually suggesting all this prohibitionist nonsense should be perennial?

  • prohibition_

Does he honestly believe his flock are so utterly devoid of basic self-control?

Nobody who runs a bar or sells beer in shops wants to ‘lure’ Muslims, or Christians, or Buddhists, into anything unpleasant. If customers choose to enjoy what’s available, up to them.

It’s called freedom of the individual.

(I’ve even been known to buy soft drinks (admittedly after a hard day’s night!)


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