Top Cop on IslamoNazi Lout – “A Gentleman I Respect!”

You may find it hard to believe but those of us familiar with the mentality of senior Indonesian cops hardly batted an eye-lid at the gob-smack comment from Police HQ’s Public Information Bureau chief Brigadier Boy Amar on the assault witnessed by millions on TVOne today.


  • IslamoNazi Thug Leader Goes Nuts, Live On TV! 


  • The victim, Professor Thamrin Amal Tomagola, has already said it’s beneath his dignity to pursue legal redress against the Islamonazi thug Munarman, who threw a glass of water in his face during a studio debate on Ramadan ‘sweeping.’

And given the mealy-mouthed response of Boy, a wise move, methinks.

The conscientious Boy declared he hoped the issue wouldn’t drag on, because –
“I hope it’s just miscommunication, and these gentlemen whom I respect will resolve it amicably!” 


Any normal person would have more respect for a dog-turd on his shoe than for a piece of garbage like Munarman, a cowardly sometime jail-bird and sectarian bully.

To equate him with an actually respectable citizen like Professor Tamrin is basically insulting to the latter gent, who, unlike Munarman, is, no doubt, a benuine ‘gentleman.’

And Boy’s babbling gets worse.

Boy-Rafli Boy!

Boy believes the two men could resolve the unpleasant incident nicely without resort to law.
Boy believes forgiveness is noble, so the two could forgive each other.


An open and shut case, a million or more witnesses, and this keystone can’t see that Tamrin is in the right, and the toe-rag nazi clearly in the wrong.  How dare he suggest Tamrin be ‘forgiven’ by the thug, when Tamrin did nothing whatsoever amiss.


fpipradopo5 Pradopo with IslamoNazis



We all know the National Chief of Police Timor Pradopo had no qualms of conscience about huddling down with islamoNazi gangsters for arvo coffee, but it has not always been obvious that Pradopo’s collaborationist mind-set runs down through the officer corps.

Now we know…

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