Pre-Ramadan Routine – Islamists Prowl Dimly-Lit Stalls!

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These IslamoNazis must be weary, prowling around no less than SIXTEEN districts in Riau Province, and suffering from eye-strain too, since their meanderings have encompassed those good old ‘dimly-lit stalls’ again!

This evocative situation has caused FPI members to urge Rohul local government and law enforcement immediately to take action to eradicate the presence of dimly lit stalls or so-called cafes and massage parlors that increasingly mushroom.

They have a thing about ‘dimly-lit’ places. Our recent report on Depok, just outside Jakarta, thousands of kliks from Riau’s Rohul, also focused on these intriguing establishments.

Commendable joints, saving electricity wisely.


One wonders if the IslamoNazis work in shifts.


‘”Right, Habib, I’m heading home. Get outa bed and down here sharpish. There’s a light just gone off in Dimly-Lit Stall Number 24.”

“Okay, Habib, 10-4, on the way. Ooops, forgot my torch, hang on!’


Rohul FPI indicated that the widespread existence of such immoral places as dimly lit stalls or so-called cafes and massage parlors is due to the involvement of officials backing the illegal businesses.


Corruption is ubiquitous in Indonesia, deplorable,  but in these sort of circumstances, one almost feels it is conducive to the preservation of normal life.


“We have data, names of officials allegedly involved in backing these immoral ventures. We are ready to provide data to the new police chief in Rohul ( Onny Trimurti Nugroho) to work together to eradicate immoral business like this,” said Hamdani, the local FPI Gauleiter.


Hamdani said the Rohul FPI investigative team found many areas with sordid streets, in Tambusai Lidang East Village, Simpang PIR Tandun District, Lintam Ujungbatu, the road to PT.EMA in Kuntodarussalam, Sukamaju Village District Rambah, and other places .

Poor geezers, trudging up and down sordid streets. Rsiking arrest for pedstrian kerb-crawling, too, I suppose! And guess what they found?

“Even in Bukit Suligi we still found a lot of dimly lit stalls. Whereas in areas said to have been dismantled by municipal police, still there were some to be found,” said Hamdani.

  • How surprising. And what a blow to IslamoNazi morale.


In anticipation of increased immoral acts in public facilities such as hotels and inns, FPI Rohul also asked business owners to require marriage documents for couples wishing to stay.


Cheeky monkeys. If you go on holiday, would you take your certificate of marriage? Would you hand it over if some jumped-up clerk demanded?


Every night of the week, added Hamdani, FPI Rohul also diligently sweep the area to Regency Rohul Praja Development Office and the Batang river bridge Lubuh Two Pasirpangaraian. Dozens of their members have found still a lot of young couples dating, still students, in dark places….

Oh, yes, I remember now, we previously posted on these priggish FPI ding-a-lings harassing kids having a smooch. The thugs corralled the kids into a mosque, regardless of creed!



the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) raided vacant land at Bukit Kemuning, Seibeduk, on Saturday night. Dozens of young couples who frolic there were raided and herded into Hereafter Bukit Kemuning Mosque to be briefed.

 Nazi Night-Crawlers in Batam

Briefed? On what? How to become a sticky-beak bully?

What a miserable gang of po-faced prigs. Glad to here that some of the young guys fought back and ‘things got heated.’

 ”What the hell is this, it’s not a police matter,” said a young man who was with his girl-friend when the group appeared.

end of extract


That was also in the run-up to Ramadan, last year. Here’s the link – well worth a read.

FPI is calling for parents to keep an eye on their daughters, especially on Saturday nights.