Deep-Fried Mars Bars? Try Deep-Frying Cornish Pasties!

This is quite an old news item, but only just brought to my attention by a Canadian reader, who also tells me the CBC ran a poll on the issue.




Mars is NOT happy!


The chocolate company claims in its letter that deep frying the Mars bar, which recently had its saturated fat level cut, is “not in line” with the company’s marketing code aimed at promoting a “healthy active lifestyle”.

CBC Poll Results –

I didn’t think Mars bars were healthy to begin with, so I don’t think deep frying really affects the health value of the bar  52.54%  (3,693 votes)  


I think Mars has a point – the deep-frying is making the product worse for your health.  14.98%  (1,053 votes)  


I would like to try a deep-fried Mars bar.  31.61%  (2,222 votes)  


I’m not sure.  0.87%  (61 votes)  0000000000000000000

This is downright weird!


When I was a house-husband, many years ago, the highlight of the week was ‘Dad’s Deep-Fried Cornish Pasties,” a yummy delight for my off-spring, about which boasts were made to little pals, who were impressed and envious, and to Mum, when she got home from work, who was neither.




But it was only once a week, and on other days there was infinitely more nutritious fare, like those large plastic bags full of small coconut chocolate-covered things, called Bounty Bars…




…and pizza.


The result, to certain people’s astonishment, was neither obesity nor pimples, but perfectly normal, and very happy, humanity.

But no longer is my specialty sought after – wait till the grandchildren come along!!