Jakarta Post 's "Thousand Reasons to Hate Australia!"

A  fascinating exercise in effrontery from today’s Jakarta Post, wild hyperbole evident in the line quoted above.


Kornelius Purba, who wrote the article, offers no description of his qualifications or background.


  • kornelius-purba Kornelius Purba


But in fact he  is a senior editorial figure, managing editor, no less, at the Jakarta Post, part of the Gramedia publishing  empire.

  • gramediathe-jakarta-post
  • You will recall that Gramedia adopted Hitler’s tactics last year.


burning books Gramedia’s Nazi-style book-burning


They staged a major book-burning, under the supervision of the most fanatical and intolerant Islamists in Indonesia, the MUI. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/grovelling-gramedias-book-burning-bonanza-appeasing-fanatics/




Their lap-dog editors in the JP have never yet, as far as I can see,  condemned this disgraceful appeasement. So they themselves stand condemned for acquiescence in sectarian censorship – some bully pulpit!

If, on the other hand, Purba has condemned it, I will be happy to record the fact, which Ihave been unable to locate in my researches.

Meanwhile, he can ramble on as much as he likes about the perceived short-comings of Australia, but best not to pay much attention to anyone from the JP aspiring to scale the moral high ground.


However, since he’s in print, and there is no conservative English-language media in Jakarta except us, I suppose we should rebut a few of the more obvious nonsenses. (actually, it could be that he’s writing with tongue in cheek, but I won’t give him the benefit of the doubt)

Purba suggests that Oz is seen as being out to destroy the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).


He doesn’t explicitly say he shares this risible opinion, but adduces the secession of Timor Leste as one fact to under-pin it. In fact, of course, this departure of one part of one island from his NKRI was the result of an overwhelming majority vote by the people concerned, in a free and fair referendum.

He admits this later, whilst simultaneously and absurdly stating that perhaps most of us will never forgive the continent state for “masterminding” the independence of East Timor.

What’s to forgive?




It’s generally accepted that any people has the right to self-determination. East Timor had NEVER been previously part of Indonesia – chances are the Timorese would have been happy to stay Portuguese, had they been gven a choice back in 1975, when a bunch of marxists seized power.


He also raises the issue of Papua – it is also no exaggeration to say that most of us are strongly suspicious that Australia will, again, be the main supporter of the Papuan people in establishing their own state despite repeated denials.

Under UN rules (which are rarely fairly applied) any distinct people has the right to self-government, but never mind.  – his ‘evidence’ for this wild claim, that there’s a US base in Darwin, and that this only strengthens the suspicion that Papua’s independence is high on the neighbor’s agenda is plain tripe!

And again Purba carefully omits the key factor, the Suharto dictatorship’s Act of Free Choice, which indeed was also overwhelmingly approved – but  by a mere 1000 plus Papuans, carefully selected and monitored by the Jakarta Government.

  • referendum-papua-barat
  • What the result of another referendum today might be is harder to predict, since, thanks to Jakarta’s ‘transmigration’ settlers, the Papuans are now close to being a minority on their own island! (half-island actually, the other half  being PNG)

Needless to say, he leaps on the subject of the ‘asylum’ queue-jumpers, quoting a poll that says under a third of Australians believe that “Indonesia helps Australia combat people smuggling.”

Indonesia does help, but any poor perception on the part of Australians is easily explained by the fact that huge numbers of these parasites come to Oz by way of Indonesia. But Purba has his own agenda, a lefty slant indeed –

For Indonesia, Labor’s approach is more sensible because the burden is shared. Indonesia cannot control the flow of the boat people because of the vastness of the archipelago, and also because of the corrupt mentality of Indonesian officials who have direct contact with the migrants.

Labor has just been busily admitting the folly of their approach over the years. I suggested ways to improve the situation in Indonesia last month – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/war-with-indonesia-arrant-nonsense-rudd/– but I guess he reads RRA less often than I read the JP.

The root of the problem lies not only with Indonesia but much more with the countries of origin…



That makes some sense and Purba’d be better to utilise his JP influence to promote effective, speedy action to repatriate undesirable detainees to their countries of origin than to cite Aussie for natural alarm at the invasion they face.

He has a quick bristle at the fact that most Australians think “Indonesia is a dangerous source of Islamic terrorism.”

That’s arguable, but if these Aussies read news-papers, even his JP, they know that there is a powerful lobby, including the government-sponsored and funded MUI ‘scholars,’  like the blood-thirsty Al Khathath, who want to shackle the good work of Densus 88 and other parts of the security forces.

al Khaththath MUI’s Al K

And that senior officers of those Indonesian security forces themselves say there is a real terrorist threat here.

Again, he recognises that perception does not always reflect reality but he could have demolished much of the above ridiculous perceptions by including some of the above facts that he omitted.

And finally, that quote I used for my headline – here it is in full.

There are 1,000 reasons to hate Australia, but we must also be ready when the same reasons are applied to us.

A THOUSAND? I think he offered three or four, all of them as weak as a refilled tea-pot.

Where’s the beef, Purba?